Brigitte Nielsen Loves the Way She Looks at 60 — and Jokes She Doesn't 'Leave Home Without' Botox (Exclusive)

The actress opens up to PEOPLE about her new fitness regimen, and why she's a firm believer in Botox: 'It's like that commercial from the '80s — I don't leave home without it!'

<p><a href="">Monica Gumm</a></p> Brigitte Nielsen and daughter Frida

Monica Gumm

Brigitte Nielsen and daughter Frida

Brigitte Nielsen, who turned 60 earlier this year, says she likes the way she looks right now — thanks to a new health and workout regimen, and admittedly, a little help from Botox.

"It's like that American Express commercial from the '80s — I don't leave home without it!" she jokes, about Botox. Still, the mom to daughter Frida, 5, as well as four grown sons from previous relationships, says she's never felt better about herself, going into her sixth decade.

"I’m just really comfortable in my own skin, which I wasn’t for a long time," she tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week's issue. "It’s nice to be 60 and feel quite pleased with what you look like.”

She admits she might not always feel that way, especially as she ages. Nielsen says that while she currently doesn't feel pressure to maintain a youthful appearance for her husband Mattia Dessi, 45, who is 15 years her junior, that will likely change as time goes by.

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"70 is a serious number for women," she says. "For one, it sounds really old. And I've seen the difference in women between 60 and 70. Let's be honest, that's when the gravity really starts pulling things down. "

For now, she's not worried about it.

"My attitude on that one is I take it one day at a time," she says. "I can't always be worrying about my looks. I want to live life fully every day. And if I'm totally miserable with the way I look at 70, I'll do something about it."

Nielsen admits her biggest focus is staying healthy for her daughter Frida, whom she welcomed with Dessi in 2018.

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"Last year I decided I really wanted to get into shape,” she says. “I lost some weight, weight I’d been wanting to lose for quite some time, and I started a really good, healthy diet. I also got back with my swimming. I bicycle everywhere and go for runs alongside the promenade in the fresh air."

She adds, "I’d love to live healthily into my 80s, so Frida’s into her 20s," she says.

As for any concerns about being an older mom? She has none whatsoever!

"The good thing is she has a very young dad, so when one day she says, ‘Mom, you’re too old to drive me to school,’ Mattia can do it!”

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