Bringing Mat Sabu to Seri Setia before early voting 'inappropriate', says Pas


SHAH ALAM: Pas has deemed PKR's plan to utilise Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu as its 'last weapon', hours before the early voting today as "inapproppriate".

Its vice-president Idris Ahmad said such move showed Pakatan Harapan coalition to be no different from Barisan Nasional which had been known to have used the 3M - money, machinery and media - to garner votes.

"If this happens, then it is improper.

"The people can see for themselves the so-called PH government's brand of democracy.

"Suddenly in this by-election, the party wants to use the same approach as BN. If this happens, then it is unfortunate for their Malaysia Baru (New Malaysia) slogan. Might as well just take out the 'Baru' part.

He said this last night at a press conference at Pas' Selangor state liaison office in Section 13, here after campaigning with the party's Seri Setia by-election candidate Dr Halimah Ali.

Idris was commenting on an article in a Malay daily which reported that PH would be bringing the Amanah party's president as its last speaker at Monday night's ceramah.

It was reported that 2,770 voters, comprising 2,597 military personnel and their spouses, as well as 173 policemen will cast their ballots in the Seri Setia constituency today.

Meanwhile, Dr Halimah too questioned the PKR plan, saying that PH was singing BN's tune.

"Where is the democratic reforms they have been championing all this while. Where's the New Malaysia promise?" she asked. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd