Brit travels to Egypt COP27 without flying

STORY: Location: Baghdad, Iraq

This busking Brit is travelling to the Egypt COP27 climate talks without flying

Dan Hodd left Spain with a violin on his back and maps in his bag

and has cycled, taken trains, buses and shared taxis

He’s now in Iraq and will next travel through Jordan to reach Sharm el-Sheikh

[Dan Hodd, Climate activist]

"You very much have to adapt your cycling style to suit the country. So here it is like, ok you are going to weave around, you are going to go down the wrong way, be on the wrong side of the road for a little bit. I am traveling to the COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh without flying because I am trying to illustrate the importance within the transport sector to do more about the climate crisis."

Avoiding flying is not only part of Hodd’s message to delegates at COP27

His trip is part of a long-term project to visit 100 countries in 10 years without flying

busking with his violin to earn enough to go on

He is now in his sixth year of travel

"We need to consider the way we are moving around the world. We are traveling more than we ever had in the past, at least further distances ever, we are bouncing back and forth on budget holidays, for work trips and all these type of things, and while I understand that most people can't travel in this slow travel way that I am, I can at least illustrate to the world the importance of considering these kind of options and maybe traveling one way this way."