British food blogger in M'sia gutted by London attack

Farezza Hanum Rashid

KUALA LUMPUR: Being more than 10,000km away from home following a terror attack in London, proved to be very upsetting for British man Rhys Williams.

Williams, who has been living in Kuala Lumpur for four years, was informed about the Westminster attack by his sister, who was near the location at the time of the incident.

“It’s very upsetting to hear about it, especially when it’s a place I know well,” said Williams who has gained fame for his Bahasa Malaysia food blog called

With the Islamic State terrorist group claiming responsibility for the attack, which was carried out by Khalid Masood, netizens took to social media to accuse Islam for its evil teachings.

Williams disagreed with the statement, “Islam is a terrorist religion”, which is making its rounds on the Internet.

“Living in a Muslim-majority country for the last four years, I have had the chance to see the ‘real Islam’ and most of my local friends are Muslims.

“I dislike the fact that Islam is being labelled as a terrorist religion because of the actions of a tiny minority.

“Every religion in the world has a small minority of extremists and you can’t label the whole religion by the actions of a few,” he told the New Straits Times.

Another Briton residing in Kuala Lumpur, Michael Driscoll, has expressed his sorrow and offered his heartfelt sympathy to the victims and their families and friends.

He said the incident was yet another atrocity involving indiscriminate attack on innocent people.

“The aim was to divide people by encouraging right-wing and xenophobic reactions against Muslims.

“(These are) the type (of reactions) we see from the Trump administration,” he said.

Driscoll added that it was gratifying to see that people from all backgrounds, including Muslims and Christians in London standing together in mutual support and defiance against terrorism.

“We must not let terrorists succeed in dividing people,” he said.

The Wednesday attack had left five dead, including Khalid, and injured 40.