Business trips are the secret to a happy marriage

Staying apart for short duration, as is the case with business trips, strengthens a relationship, a survey has found. Photo: Kristina Litvjak/Unsplash

The secret to a happy marriage has finally been revealed – regular business trips.

A survey of 2,000 British workers by Travelodge found that those who work away from home for just five days a month have happier relationships than those who don’t.

In fact, 40% of those who work away from home regularly would describe their relationship as “extremely happy”, compared with just 28% of couples who never go away on business, the survey found.

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For those who travel for work on a monthly basis, as many as 79% attributed their happy marriage to having time apart from each other.

Nine in 10 said having some time apart from their partner made them realise how much they loved them, while 74% even claimed that working away made their relationship more passionate.

Nearly three in 10 (29%) of those who are working away will FaceTime their partner every night from their hotel room, while a fifth will always buy their partner a gift from wherever they’ve been staying.

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And when they arrive home, 38% of business travellers love filling in their partner on the latest work gossip and highlights from their trip.

The study also found other benefits to working away, with 37% of those polled saying they enjoy the extra “me-time” it brings.

Taking the time out to have a bath (37%), catching up on social media (16%) and enjoying a drink at the bar (31%) are some of the things business, people said they would never get a chance to do at home.

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Over a third (34%) of Brits who work away said it was nice to have a break from household chores when travelling, while 27% relish a good night sleep in a hotel.

And nearly a fifth (19%) of working parents confessed they enjoyed the opportunity to get a rest from childcare duties when having to work away.

Travelodge said it has experienced a “significant rise” in business customers staying at its hotels over the last three years, with more half of its sales now being for business trips.

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Shakila Ahmed at Travelodge said: “Travel has become a big part of modern business. Nowadays we can potentially work anywhere thanks to technology which is why business travel is becoming more essential in our working lives.

“It’s good to see that Brits are also benefiting from taking regular business trips as it provides a break from the hectic hustle and bustle of family life and provides time to relax and have some much needed me-time.”

Three in five (62%) Brits said they relish the freedom of staying in a hotel so that can delve into a good book or watch their favourite movie or TV programme without any disruptions.    

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Two in five said they look forward to getting into a comfy luxurious bed, while slightly more (42%) enjoy indulging into a full English breakfast.

Meanwhile, 41% of Brits who travel for work said they enjoy discovering new places, and the same number said it breaks up their normal work routine.

Of those that work away regularly, just over a fifth (21%) said it was a “win win” situation as their partner loves having the house to themselves.

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