Brooklyn Peltz Beckham says he 'fell in love with cooking' during the pandemic: 'It was just me and my wife in the kitchen'

The 23 year old says he's 'always been into food,' and shares some of his favorite dishes to make and eat.

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham says some of his favorite ingredients to cook with are truffles and chili flakes. (Photo: Getty/Yahoo Life)
Brooklyn Peltz Beckham says some of his favorite ingredients to cook with are truffles and chili flakes. (Photo: Getty/Yahoo Life)

Because food connects us all, Yahoo Life is serving up a heaping plateful of table talk with people who are passionate about what's on their menu in Deglazed, a series about food.

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham was born to two of the most well-known celebrities of the ’90s — soccer great David Beckham and pop icon Victoria Beckham, both of which remain household names to this day. Although his upbringing may sound glamorous, he's forged his own path apart from his parents and his down-to-Earth personality has led him to a successful career in food, a passion he's enjoyed since he was a child.

"I've always been into food," the 23 year old tells Yahoo Life. "I've been lucky enough to travel around the world with my dad to amazing places, try different cuisines and experience different cultures. I've always been obsessed with that."

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, Peltz Beckham began cooking and sharing his food and recipes on social media. "COVID hit and that's when I fell in love with cooking," he says. "It was just me and my wife in the kitchen — having a glass of red wine, messing around in the kitchen — and that's kind of where it all started."

"I think my wife started videoing me and I just loved capturing what I was making and editing it and posting it with my favorite song I was listening to that week," he adds. "It was just such a natural thing. I was like, 'This is really cool, I want to share this with the people that follow me.'"

Besides the culinary arts, Peltz Beckham also fell in love with actress Nicola Peltz Beckham, who he married in 2022. He says his wife has been a muse to him when it comes to his art form — cooking.

"One of our favorite things is staying in with our dogs and watching TV," says Peltz Beckham, "and we love making salad and creamy pasta with some truffles. That's our go-to, and then some fresh cookies at the end. [Truffles are] very expensive, so whenever I'm able to get some, I feel lucky."

Aside from the decadent taste of truffles, Peltz Beckham is always eager to spice up his life.

"I really like chili flakes," he says. "They're one of my favorites — they're so good. Me and my wife love making guacamole and adding some chili flakes in there, so those are probably my favorite spice."

The family connection to food is strong, something showcased in Peltz Beckham's latest campaign and partnership with Silk. Along with other children of celebrities like Ella Travolta and Sailor Brinkley-Cook, he's bringing back the iconic "Got Milk?"-style campaign his dad participated in almost 20 years ago.

Peltz Beckham's ad for Silk Nextmilk, where he recreates the iconic milk mustache his dad, David Beckham, posed with in a
Peltz Beckham's ad for Silk Nextmilk, where he recreates the iconic milk mustache his dad, David Beckham, posed with in a "Got Milk?" ad. (Photo: Silk Nextmilk)

"I've always seen the milk mustache — it's so cool," he says. "My dad did it a long time ago, so I feel so honored and lucky to be one of the faces of Silk Nextmilk. I still haven't processed it — it's such a cool thing to be a part of."

Peltz Beckham spoke to Yahoo Life while promoting Silk Nextmilk, and says he loves to sip the drink while eating cookies and use it to replace traditional cream in savory recipes.

"I love it in a creamy pasta," he shares. "Me and my wife, we love plant-based milk and we don't eat much meat, so definitely, Silk Nextmilk is one of the main ingredients I love to use when making a vegan dish."

When the newlyweds aren't cooking at home, they love to try food in countries across the globe. Through his lifetime of travels, Peltz Beckham shares there's one city he loves to visit again and again just to eat. "I love Tokyo, it's one of my favorite places," he says. "You will not get better food than in Tokyo. It's just amazing: the culture, the people — I could move there."

While in Tokyo, there's one spot Peltz Beckham cannot miss: "WayguMafia," he says, shouting out the famed restaurant owned by chef and beef expert Hisato Hamada. "[He's] one of my favorite chefs — he's such a lovely guy."

Travel food is great, but nothing quite beats home. Peltz Beckham says many of his favorite dishes come from his time growing up in England. "The biggest thing that's stuck with me is Sunday roast," he says, "which I tell my American friends, it's basically a Thanksgiving every Sunday for English people."

"That is the one dish that's really stuck with me," he adds. "My nanny made the most amazing Sunday roast … that's something I've been making for my Mrs. and she loves it."

"[Learning to cook a Sunday roast] has been a really fun process," he continues, "stuffing, sometimes mashed potatoes, gravy, potatoes, carrots and then a Yorkshire pudding … it's amazing."

Another of favorite meal from his youth? Pie and mash (an English dish made from minced beef, mashed potatoes and parsley sauce) from a small pub he grew up eating at with his dad. "My favorite pie and mash shop in the U.K, Tony's Pie and Mash, my dad used to take me to," he says. "That dish is very important to me."

Through culinary travel moments and home cooking, Peltz Beckham has loved falling in love with food. But he says he's not done yet. "I've been working on something for the last year and a half that I'll tell everyone about later this month," he says. "It's in the cooking space. I'm working on my next show and trying to open up my own place at some point — which takes a lot of time — but I really want to work on that."

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