Brooklyn Waterfront Art Show Plans to Spotlight Women’s Rights

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RAISING VOICES: The next national juried art show from the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition is set to begin Sept. 24 and run through Oct. 16. The exhibit, titled “Femmes Ensemble,” is curated by BWAC copresident Alicia Degener, and aims to put a spotlight on women’s rights.

According to the release from BWAC, “Today more than ever, women need to work together for their rights. It is in these challenging times that we organize, we care for each other and we make art. Our multidisciplinary and cross-cultural artistic creations are our lifelines. Women of all backgrounds, ages, stages of career and cultures are invited to participate and to exhibit in ‘Femmes Ensemble’ in a show of unity and strength.”

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One participating artist, Arani Halder, spoke with WWD about being a creator during these times of uncertainty. “As of this moment, my goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, and to be able to contextualize themselves within larger systems,” Halder said. She also spoke to the importance of diversity and giving representation to marginalized groups. “With a belief that there lie important and revolutionary stories from those that go unheard from, I aim to use my work to open windows into the lives of different people and the broader socio-political movements that help shape them.”

Femmes Ensemble” will also serve as a fundraiser, with a quarter of the proceeds of sales donated to Planned Parenthood. In addition, Gap Inc. will match all sales donations.

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