Bryan Cranston caught having sex with wife on train

On Conan, Bryan Cranston described in detail the story of the time he and his wife, Robin Dearden, were on their honeymoon traveling on a train in Italy and were pretty much encouraged to make amore in a pitch-black tunnel. Cranston said, “The travel agent said, ‘By the way, the third tunnel is 50 minutes long. It’s tradition for honeymooners to take advantage of that time.’ I said, ‘Capiche.'”

Cranston and Dearden were sitting in a car that was was parked on a flatbed on the train along with other people in cars. With the challenge laid down by the travel agent, Cranston turned to his wife and said, “Are you ready to use up seven calories?”

With the romance turned up to 11, the two got busy, but they quickly realized that travel agent might have exaggerated about 50 minutes of darkness. Cranston said, “Within seconds — wham! We’re out in broad daylight.” “What happened to the 50 minutes?” Conan asked. “Yes! That’s what I said!” said Cranston.

But Cranston and his wife weren’t the only ones caught in the act; the scene had gotten rowdy. Between the hooting Italian men and the disappointed Italian grandmother, Dearden was understandably embarrassed. Cranston said, “And my gorgeous wife says to me those three words you always want to hear: ‘Get off me!'”

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