Bryan Cranston’s ‘Your Honor’ Dominates Nielsen Streaming Charts With 1.5 Billion Viewing Minutes

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“Your Honor” dominated Nielsen’s streaming charts as the most-watched streaming title in its second week on Netflix.

While the Showtime series released its second season on Paramount+ in March 2023, the Bryan Cranston-led show saw an impressive viewership bump following its Netflix debut on May 31, leading “Your Honor” to reach 1.53 billion viewing minutes across Netflix and Paramount+ during the week of June 3-9.

The week’s viewership nearly tripled from the 544 million viewing minutes the show brought in during the previous week. At the time, “Your Honor” stood as the week’s No. 9 most-watched acquired streaming program.

“Your Honor” was the week’s most-watched title overall, with “Bluey” coming in second place with 1.15 billion viewing minutes on Disney+ and “Grey’s Anatomy” coming in third place with 1.1 billion viewing minutes across Hulu and Netflix.

Glen Powell’s “Hit Man” also debuted as the week’s fourth most-watched streaming title and the most-watched streaming movie of the week with 984 million minutes viewed on Netflix. “Hit Man” led the Netflix pack when it came to movies, with French thriller “Under Paris” coming in second place with 636 million minutes viewed, “Godzilla Minus One” coming in third place with 529 million minutes viewed and “The Lego Movie” taking the No. 4 spot on the list with 342 million minutes viewed.

Behind “Hit Man” on the overall list came “Eric,” which scored 926 million minutes viewed on Netflix, “Heartland,” which brought in 924 million minutes viewed across Hulu, Netflix and Peacock, and “Sweet Tooth,” which scored 874 million viewing minutes on Netflix.

“Bridgerton” remained on the overall most-watched streaming list in the No. 9 spot with 806 million minutes viewed across its 20 available episodes, at the time. This interval fell several weeks after Season 3, Part 1 debuted on May 16 and just before the Part 2 release on June 13, so viewership can be expected to jump for the following week’s streaming report.

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