BTS member Suga shamed for gaining weight, K-pop fans worldwide rally to defend him

Tan Mei Zi
Suga became the target of body-shaming after South Korean social media users criticised him for putting on a few pounds. — Picture from Twitter/bts_twt

PETALING JAYA, Aug 15 — The K-pop industry is notorious for setting unrealistic beauty standards that affect both male and female singers alike.

Suga, a member of South Korea’s hottest boyband BTS, was not spared from the wrath of social media users in his home country who criticised him for looking heavier in recent photos.

Comments posted on South Korean web portal Nate on August 12 slammed Suga, whose real name is Min Yoongi, for “not looking like an idol”.

BTS fans, known collectively as the ARMY, then reacted by trending “YoongiWeLoveYou” worldwide on Twitter to combat the hate being directed at the 26-year-old.

Several followers of Suga defended him from criticism and called on keyboard warriors to stop being judgmental over the Boy With Luv rapper’s appearance.

Fans also gushed over the star’s chubby cheeks, with one Twitter user saying it was a sign that the band members were “eating well”.


The BTS members are currently on their first vacation since debuting in 2013 with the song No More Dream.

The group is expected to return to the music scene with concerts in Saudi Arabia and South Korea this October.

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