Budget 2018 debate: Workers' Party offering 'dishonest and irresponsible' options, says Heng Swee Keat

Nicholas Yong
Assistant News Editor
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    Meaning, PAP very honest and transparent to the people lah, is it?
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    In Singapore, everyday, we worry about every day price increased
    in grocery, hawker food and others. Every year, when the budget is
    here, we worry about the tax increased in GST., property tax and others,
    and every now and then, we worry about our wife who may run away
    (if you read the law page of Singapore) because
    we have not enough money.
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    Native Singaporean
    Why is the government of a sudden desire to increase the government through raising of levy an gst ??? Is our nation coffer is depleting or our state investment in foreign countries ran into trouble ??? With the current government spending on $million salaries on our President down to Ministers, of course, the government spending is impacted.
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    One can disagree with the others but using harsh words like "dishonest and irresponsible" seems too much! Talking about utilising reserves but may I know what is our reserves in total? Does anyone know the exact amount? 50% returns from the investment is be spent on ageing population and healthcare but I only see fines on Keppel, Sembcorp and UBS losses, so may I know the return is from where?
    Opposition parties are just offering suggestions and our government can choose not to accept, that's all! Using harsh words only suggests we need to do more on education and social etiquette!
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    Why the budget is all about increasing tax (increasing Singaporean cost), nothing was mentioned to reduce the Minister salary as we no longer can afford such indulgent acts, and also cancel all the pension scheme for ministers and super public servants...
    I am sure this part involves many many millions of dollars in the long run too...
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    Ah Chan spoke, now Ah Heng. I guess next one will be Ah Ong. All wanting to score points for the coming PM nomination. LOL.
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    HSK: How to fund the government spending?
    A: Er er you are the Minister and the Government, of course we look to you to come up with a good solution lah
    HSK: ok we propose to raise GST rate by 2%
    A: Wah, that is an easy solution... a kid who knows maths also know that solution, i need to spend x$ not enough $$ so I charge you more lah... Then why you command fat pay checks?? Oh can deduct from the pay checks??
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    still say what feedback ... I not worker party ... I ordinary and most common commoner ... suggest no gst hike for basic necessities but hike for branded goods ... but since this is an autocratic imperialist country ... the king says what means what lor ...
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    may I ask HSK how honest and responsible is our gov by electing makcik as our president
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    News report in Nov 2006, on raising GST from 5% to 7%:A

    “This is inevitable over the next 5 to 10 years. Infrastructure investments will cost money – R&D is to cost $5b over the next 5 years; as medical technology improves, people age and more will go to hospitals to get more treatment, so spending is bound to go up. As we tilt the playing field across the board, the lower income will be getting another boost, not just once in a while. Therefore its better to start building resources now so that when we spend more, we have the means to do so,” said Mr Lee.

    To finance this, indirect taxes or the Goods & Services Tax will have to go up.