No change to ministerial salaries, says DPM Teo Chee Hean

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    They are already too high.
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    What about bonuses ????
  • t
    Can someone calculate if cut all PAP's Salary by 25%.
    How much would it able to help for covering up GST.
    Additional, If were to cough them out of their 5.5 mths Bonuses , Should it enough to cover up Airport additional Tax. ?
    If such able to help most of our Problems, Should all Singaporeans stand firm and keep demand it for exercise it ASAP.
  • X
    does that means it's gonna be raised again after this transition..????
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    thank you singaporeans for paying for us our fat salaries. Our salaries need to be high cause we are ministers , we only get yes man into our cabinet and those who don`t ask questions will be promoted to become full time ministers. Oh yea only get yes man and cannot think personeel .You compare this before saf general pm lee became prime minister of singapore.
    Smrt break down mthly thks to our saf general never do job and everyday sit in air con room with high salary.
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    Already highest in the world increase some more into the universe. Easy money.
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    Old bird
    These Ministers' salaries already the highest in the world by standard and can still thinking of any revision upwards? A search will show that most if not all the full Ministers already owned bungalows worth more than 30 million. Without Estate duty these people can only perpetuate their wealth for the next few generations. Can only say that it is all self interest just like the budget speech. Nothing for the masses but preservation for the wealthy and rich.
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    not enough money to sipport the seniors / elderlies but not ministerial pay cuts ?? instead, taking more from the struggling young commonfolks / middle to lower class, to support the govt. (gic / th) to siphoned oit of the country in the name of 'overseas investments', never to be returned.
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    wah lau, when talk about salaries, this chap smile until no see eye!
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    that's very bad news . . . they should take 50% paycut