I tried this $20 bug bite suction tool that has more than 32,000 reviews from Amazon shoppers

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Arm of girl bitten by mosquito in the summer
Does this $20 bug bite tool really work? I put it to the test.

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Even though summer is on its way out, there are still plenty of opportunities to spend time outdoors. 

While many people associate mosquitos with early summer, in many parts of the country, they're actually active throughout September. And if you're going camping, to the cottage or on a hike, you'll likely encounter a few bug bites and the itchiness that comes with that.

There are many products available that promise to help ease the pain, but it can be hard to know which one will actually stop you from scratching those bug bites every few minutes.

The Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool has earned more than 32,000 reviews from Amazon shoppers and has been praised for helping to remove the venom from insect bites.

This tool is supposed to be ideal for anyone looking for quick relief from a bug bite and to soothe the itchiness immediately. But does it actually work? After hearing all the rave reviews, I had to try it for myself.

Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool

Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool - Amazon, $20
Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool - Amazon, $20

SHOP IT: Amazon, $20

First impressions

As someone who frequently attracts mosquitoes, I was looking for a product that would offer quick relief from my bug bites. I live in an area full of waterfront trails, and I have a puppy I'm constantly taking for walks. 

I did my research while searching for a remedy that did not include chemicals and ended up stumbling upon the Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool after spending a weekend outdoors that resulted in my legs being completely covered in bites. 

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According to the product description, it promises to eliminate pain and swelling from a bug bite or bee sting without using chemicals, lotions, or battery-operated devices. It acted as a first-aid suction tool that provides immediate relief. 

I was hesitant at first, but I felt relief after placing the device over a bite until I felt it suction and pressing down on the handle for 10 to 20 seconds. 

After releasing the tool, you can wash it so you can re-use it. It does take a few tries to get the hang of it, but it really works and provides instant relief.

What are reviewers saying?

Amazon shoppers have given this product a 3.9-star rating with more than 32,000 customer reviews.

"I LOVE this little thing," raved one reviewer who said they "do not leave the house overnight without this."

"It works!" they continued, adding that they planned to buy one for friends and family as gifts. 

Another reviewer echoed that this device "works very well to prevent swelling and itch" if you use it within a few hours of being bitten. 

Like me, some shoppers were initially skeptical. 

"You're probably thinking this is a silly product," began one reviewer, who said they "decided to give it a try" — and found out that it "really does work." 

However, some reviewers did say the tool didn't work for them — and just suctioned their skin.

"It doesn’t actually stop making bug bites itch," one reviewer warned, before going on to say that it's "basically is just an overpriced syringe."

"Ended up only being effective a couple of times," added another shopper, who said the product is "too expensive to waste your time on." 


This manual suction tool does work and provides itch relief — at least for me — but in my experience, it did take a few tries to get the hang of it. 

It will alleviate itching, swelling and stinging from any bug bite, not just mosquitoes. If you're looking for something all-natural, chemical-free and reusable, this is a great option — but keep in mind that some reviewers said it didn't work as well for them.

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