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I'm a mosquito magnet, and this bestselling $10 tool is the only thing that relieves my itchy bites

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If popularity contests existed among the mosquito community, I'm willing to bet I'd snag a first-place ribbon every time. For whatever reason, those winged pests just love making a meal out of my arms and legs, and up until last year, I'd just accepted that a body covered in itchy welts was my fate every summer. How grateful I was to discover that I was wrong — thanks to a clever little gizmo called, fittingly enough, the Bug Bite Thing. This $10 lifesaver is the one mosquito bite remedy I've found to be effective, hence this (spoiler alert) unapologetically enthusiastic review. Heed my words...especially with summer being right around the corner.

This No.1 bestselling bug bite remedy doesn't rely on chemicals or creams, and it's completely reusable!
$10 at Amazon

Over the years people had suggested I try ice packs or calamine lotion to relieve my torture; trust me when I say I did. But I found that ice packs only worked short-term, and calamine lotion just dried out my already thirsty skin even more. So when I saw all of the "buzz" surrounding a Shark Tank–approved, cream- and chemical-free bug bite remedy on TikTok, I knew I had to try it.

What's so ingenious about the Bug Bite Thing is that it literally sucks out the venom, saliva and anything else wreaking havoc on your skin that those critters may have left behind. Swelling and itching is the body's response to these irritants, so when they're removed, there's nothing your body has to react to! Pretty cool, huh?

Testing it out

It might sound complicated, but in reality this nifty tool couldn't be easier to use. All you do is place the opening over the bite you're trying to target, slowly lift the handle to gently apply suction, hold it for 10–20 seconds and then press down to release. Take that, venom! You might have to try it a few times to get the suction going, but once you get the hang of it, it's a piece of cake.

The first time I used it, I was shocked that I could actually feel the swelling going down in real time — and within an hour, the unbearable itching I typically experienced had vanished. Was I dreaming? Nope! I'm happy to report that whenever I've used it immediately following a mosquito attack, it's done its job. Best of all? It's completely reusable and a cinch to clean and.

Since then, I've kept it in my bag at all times (it's incredibly compact and lightweight) just in case I need to whip it out. It's much more effective when used right after being bit, so having it within easy reach is a good idea. Oh, and since it comes in four colors, each member of the family can have their own.

author holding and using the bug bite thing
Flying insects making summertime an itchy, scratchy season of torment? Let us inject some sanity into the discussion. (Photo: Britt Ross/Yahoo)

More than mosquitoes

While my bites are usually caused by mosquitoes, the Bug Bite Thing was also designed to work on bites from bees, wasps, flies, ants and sea lice. I didn't even know the latter existed, and to be honest, I'm not rushing to do any research. But I'm glad this has it covered, just in case!

One thing to note is that when used on children, or by those with sensitive skin, you'll want to go easy — the manufacturer recommends starting with the handle halfway up and applying pressure for only 5-10 seconds. To target smaller areas, like toes and fingers, you can flip the cap to the more narrow opening, and if you're having trouble getting good suction on a part of skin with hair, you can try wetting the area first. You'll want to avoid using it on your neck and face, as those delicate areas are more prone to having suction marks left behind.

What other fans are saying

I'm far from being the only person this little gadget has wowed — it's racked up over 44,000 perfect ratings from Amazon customers too. Here's what some of them had to say:

"I brought one on a trip to Fiji," wrote a former skeptic. "I'm allergic to mosquito bites to where they swell into large welts. I used it and after a couple of minutes, the itching went away. Also, the bites didn't turn into welts, which is a big bonus...Other tourists were asking about it and I was hyping it up to everyone, who promptly went online to buy their own when they got home."

"Amazing!" exclaimed a happy shopper. "A lot of times, after the first suction, the itching goes away completely! This was a game changer for my son, who gets eaten by mosquitoes even with bug spray on — now his bites go away quickly and he’s not scratching at them, making them bleed, etc. I am starting to buy these as gifts!"

"I was just stung on the thumb by a wasp," said a verified reviewer. "I remembered I had just gotten this little tool...I CANNOT believe how awesome this is! We repeated suctioning the sting three times until it stopped stinging. You could see the poison coming out! I'm getting a few more to have in the garage and truck! I recommend this highly.... The instant relief is a miracle."

I'm not alone in loving this thing — over 44,000 Amazon shoppers swear by it, too!
$10 at Amazon

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