Building better apps: Thai digital consultancy D8 raises US$3M in funding and opens $1.5M scholarship programme

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D8 aims to be the go-to tech partner for Thai businesses

[Editor’s Note: We have revised the first paragraph to more accurately reflect that D8 is announcing a new fundraising round to the amount of US$3 million, and that Kuvera Capital Group is leading the round.]

D8ii Ltd, better known in its home country Thailand as D8, has announced a new fundraising round of US$3 million, and Kuvera Capital Group, a Thailand-based investment company, will lead the opening of the investment round.

The funding is intended to bolster the company’s capabilities in skills capacity building, particularly in regards to enabling its local clients to implement cutting-edge business practices that are attuned to today’s demanding digital business environment.

D8 is a boutique consultancy agency that provides expertise, in areas where traditional businesses, startups and enterprises in the country do not have the research and development knowledge, capability or financial privileges to implement.

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Some aspects that D8 is focusing on include virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile technologies, social media marketing, and digital marketing efforts. The company also provides integration services to its clients, enabling businesses of all sizes to have more affordable access to platform components, instead of paying full price for full-scale development.

Scholarship programme

Another thrust of this funding is the D8 Scholarship Program, a US$1.5 million scholarship fund, meant to help enhance the skills of Thai IT graduates. Commencing in the second and third quarter this year, the programme aims to improve graduates’ capability in technologies like Node.js, and other such platforms not currently taught in other institutions in the country.

In a media release, Founder and President Jayson Ho highlighted the big potential that Thailand’s smartphone market presents: “Thailand is the smartphone capital of ASEAN and companies that are adopting these more advanced tech models and platforms are gearing themselves up to be future-ready. Within Thailand, businesses are already transitioning into digital environments and the app industry in Thailand alone is worth hundreds of millions of US dollars per year.”

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He added that D8 aims to capture “at least 10% of this market and becoming a brand leader; a go-to tech partner with international standing that will drive Thai enterprise to the next level.”


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