Bukit Antarabangsa folk gripped by landslip fears


AMPANG: Continuous rain since Sunday evening triggered a 15-metre landslip in Bukit Antarabangsa has sparked fear and unease among residents.

The landslip occurred about 3pm yesterday near Block B of the Riverdale Park Apartment.

Checks by the New Straits Times showed that the area had been cordoned off. Public Works Department personnel were also at the scene inspecting the slopes and assessing damages.

Residents claimed this was not the first time landslips had occurred and that they had lodged complaints with the authorities previously.

One of them, Azlan Shafei, 30, said several landslips had previously occurred near his house. His house is among those hit by yesterday’s landslip.

“A similar landslip happened right in front of my neighbour’s house several years ago. And now, this happened right in front of my house.

“I was away during the incident. My wife rang me about 3pm and informed me.

“I rushed back to check on my family and thank God all of them are safe,” said the father of three.

He said his family would continue living there as the authorities have yet to issue any evacuation notice.

Another resident, who only wanted to be known as Alice, said each time it rains, her family becomes uneasy.

“I live about 50 metres from the current landslip site and there is a huge possibility that this might happen near my house too.

“I hope the authorities can address this problem soon,” she said.

A Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said a team of firemen was deployed to the scene about 4pm yesterday.