Bukit Panjang LRT network to get $344 million overhaul

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    Question is: Does Bukit Panjang deserve or require S$344 million where it be better spent in another town/district that could be more needy/deserve or better spent ???

    Why must it be Bukit Panjang?
    Look Jurong East, Woodlands, Tampines, Punggol, etc. where there are bigger, more congested and populated than Bukit Panjang!

    Why spend blindly just because LRT oledi there.....
    Seriously, izit becoz we are so rich or blessed with so much spares to squander like this......

    Retributions will come one day!
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    Why is the great government spending public monies constantly repairing a sinking ship when the monies spent is as good as buying a brand new ship? Seriously, do they know what “they are doing”?
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    Better Than WWE
    Hello, you sure that is money worth spending, autonomous bus may be a better choice going forward....even normal mini bus may be a cheaper alternative.
    Less infrastructure and cheaper maintenance with no total breakdown issue unlike mass transport system
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    Did the Lta consult the residents what is good for them.
    Is the modern bus with air con better than spending 350 m to overhaul.

    As it is always with fault even with new DT line so why a sort distance road need a train.

    IS this well spend for the VIP to consider
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    The BPLRT was not working well from day one in 1999 until now. My guess (I say I am guessing, so no apology or say sorry later) that Bombardier is now ask to make up by "renewing" (to the point of replacing) the whole system at lower cost.
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    why cannot have competitive, privately own independant operators....
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    all the thumbs click not working. there is an intend for this
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    Who foot the bill? Gahmen? Minister$? w8 long long....
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    Another political pressure?
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    $344M is a lot, a lot, a lot of money for just one station and its overhaul not new construction!