Bukit Panjang LRT network to get $344 million overhaul

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    Question is: Does Bukit Panjang deserve or require S$344 million where it be better spent in another town/district that could be more needy/deserve or better spent ???

    Why must it be Bukit Panjang?
    Look Jurong East, Woodlands, Tampines, Punggol, etc. where there are bigger, more congested and populated than Bukit Panjang!

    Why spend blindly just because LRT oledi there.....
    Seriously, izit becoz we are so rich or blessed with so much spares to squander like this......

    Retributions will come one day!
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    Why is the great government spending public monies constantly repairing a sinking ship when the monies spent is as good as buying a brand new ship? Seriously, do they know what “they are doing”?
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    To Everyone in this Website, Especially to PAP, Opposition Parties, All Singaporean,

    I learn that after Dr Khaw Boon Wah had become Minister of Transport, he got many Key Employees SACK in SMRT, LTA & Ministry of Transport, by making full HOUSE CLEANING (Mean : 清理门户) .

    May be, that is why things seem to be BETTER for Singapore MRT systems after Dr Khaw Boon Wah become Minister of Transport .

    Dr Khaw Boon Wah seem to be sent by our PM Lee to CLEAN UP , make full HOUSE CLEANING ( Chinese mean : 清理门户 ) & RESTRUCTURE all the MESS in SMRT , LTA, & Ministry of Transport .

    These sources are base on certain people that I have come across with internal information inside the relevant authorities, so have certain high degree of accuracy, as well as, base on PURE COMMON SENSE when we have studied the various related events that had happened over several years.

    One of the MAIN REASONS for the happening of so much SMRT train break downs, including so much mess-up & screw-up, are that these SACKED employees have key involvement in the Mess or, refuse to do anything about it

    Can only describe such people with this words : ==>>.

    “ ABUSE of POWER here, ABUSE of POWER there , DOUBLE STANDARD here , DOUBLE STANDARD there , BEHAVE in IRRESPONSIBLE way in here, BEHAVE in IRRESPONSIBLE way in there “ .

    These are caused by our “ MOST EXPENSIVE GOVERNMENT IN THE WHOLE WORLD “ , for allowing such BIG DAMNED PROBLEMS to become Deep-rooted SOCIAL CULTURES , Deep-Rooted CORPORATE CULTURES & a WAY OF LIFE in our Civil Service over so many years .

    [ Our former President, Mr Ong Teng Chong, had mentioned in a National Day Speech in 1990s that the people in European nations , like the now almost Bankrupt Greece , ADDICT to State Welfare , so become their Deep-Rooted SOCIAL CULTURES , Deep-Rooted CORPORATE CULTURES & their WAY OF LIFE .

    The above mentioned CORPORATE CULTURES in Singapore have worked just like such Deep-rooted CULTURES in Europe, VERY HARD to REMOVE .

    * * EXAMPLE :=> After the Unhappy Event on Flooding in Bishan MRT station that was caused by FALSIFICATION of maintenance record by key SMRT maintenance staff & SMRT CEO, Mr Desmond Koh, BLAME it on “ BAD CORPORATE CULTURE “ in SMRT that seem to become Deep-rooted in SMRT, BUT , Dr Khaw held SMRT CEO responsible for not changing SMRT Corporate Culture into “ POSITIVE CORPORATE CULTURE “ . . .]

    WORST , it is also learn that many such problematic people, including those of them that held high positions & have GREAT POWER, have joined up together to form Self-Centre. Self-Interest Pressure Groups in Civil Service to STOP all necessary REFORMS & RESTRUCTURES & even, BULLY Top Civil Servants of MINISTER LEVELS too .

    I learn from my sources, with certain degree of high accuracy , that Mr Liu Tuck Yew was FORCED to RESIGN from the position of Minister of Transport , which later allow Dr Khaw Boon Wan to take over his post, was BECAUSE Mr Liu was unable to control such types of people in Ministry of Transport & SMRT , whom have refused to take required action to stop all such MRT Breakdowns & even , contribute to such problems greatly .

    [ Like those people that hold high positions in Ministry of Transport & SMRT are much older than Mr Liu, so such people make use of their Senior Positions, “ OLD BIRD “ Positions & Self-Interest Pressure Groups that were formed by them together, to BULLY & CLIMB OVER the HEADS of “ NEW BIRDS “, or younger Ministers, like Mr Liu .

    My sources even told me that , even our PM Lee was known to SCARE of these types people that even TRY to CLIMB OVER the HEAD of PM Lee & our MM Lee Kuan Yew when MM Lee Kuan Yew was still alive . . . . . , these people even try to treat our PM Lee as their PUPPET that can be controlled by them , as though that they are the PUPPET MASTERS & POWER-BROKERS behind the scene in Singapore Government . . .

    It is learn that many of such people were about to retire soon, or is going to join the Private Sector to hold jobs that paid much higher salaries, so most of them had NO MOOD to WORK HARD to serve Singaporean population at all .

    With that type of " NO MOOD to WORK HARD " any more , so naturally, such people just simply want to Earn FREE & VERY EASY HIGH SALARIES before their coming retirement & also , earn FREE & EASY COMFORTABLE LIFE IN THEIR WORK PLACES than truly want to work hard & swear hard to serve the people , when their official Retirement are only 6 months - 5 years away or, PLAN to LEAVE Civil Service in near future .

    Really need more “ FIREMAN “ type of Ministers, like Dr Khaw Boon Wah & even Mr Shanmugan, to CLEAN UP , make full HOUSE CLEANING ( Chinese mean : 清理门户 ) & RESTRUCTURE all the MESS that have happened in our ““ MOST EXPENSIVE CIVIL SERVICE IN THE WHOLE WORLD “ .

    Don’t you ALL in this Website THINK so ?

    Any COMMENTS from you PEOPLE out there ? ? ?
  • 红海行动 Operation Red Sea
    红海行动 Operation Red Sea
    Who foot the bill? Gahmen? Minister$? w8 long long....
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    why cannot have competitive, privately own independant operators....
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    Better Than WWE
    Better Than WWE
    Hello, you sure that is money worth spending, autonomous bus may be a better choice going forward....even normal mini bus may be a cheaper alternative.
    Less infrastructure and cheaper maintenance with no total breakdown issue unlike mass transport system
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    Did the Lta consult the residents what is good for them.
    Is the modern bus with air con better than spending 350 m to overhaul.

    As it is always with fault even with new DT line so why a sort distance road need a train.

    IS this well spend for the VIP to consider
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    Can we have LTR at Tampines ?
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    Since KBW took over HDB, MOH and LTA, common practices he has. NO BUDGET LIMIT.
    Keep spending and spending. Keep telling us, HDB and SMRT is losing money. However, he never fire himself for doing a lousy Malaysian Job. Same applies to Sam Tan, LBW, Puthucheary.
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    The BPLRT was not working well from day one in 1999 until now. My guess (I say I am guessing, so no apology or say sorry later) that Bombardier is now ask to make up by "renewing" (to the point of replacing) the whole system at lower cost.