Bull gores matador through the neck in brutal fight

Will Worley
Arturo Macias is carried from the ring after being gored in the neck: Facebook/screengrab

Images have emerged of a bullfighter being gored in the throat while fighting a 500kg animal.

Arturo Macias, 35, was thrown by the bull before it gored him repeatedly as he lay on the floor.

The animanl's horns punctured his throat and Mr Macias was pictured bleeding from a wound to his neck.

He also suffered two other wounds and was carried out by officials.

But Mr Macias later returned to the ring to kill the animal at the fight in San Marco, Mexico.

The event was held to raise money for the recent earthquake which afflicted the country.

Separate footage posted online later showed Mr Macias apparently receiving medical treatment after the fight.

After the images of the event were published online, people expressed their disapproval.

“Couldn’t care less about the bull slaughtering coward, all my sympathies is with the bull,” said Yvette Jonsson.

Frank Gregory said: “If they are gonna do these fights it should be to the death for the fighter as well.”

Another person commented: “Gruesome moments the bull is tortured to death by a bullfighter and enjoyed by a heartless audience.”