‘Bull’ Star Michael Weatherly Boarded Wrong Flight and Didn’t Notice Until Landing

Bull star Michael Weatherly stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden, where he shared a funny story about accidentally getting on the wrong flight. Weatherly used to work on the show NCIS, which films in Los Angeles — where his family still lives — but now his new show shoots in Brooklyn. So Weatherly grabs the red-eye flight home every Friday night.

Regarding a recent trip back to Los Angeles, the actor said, “So one particular night I was a little groggy and there were two flights boarding at the same time … you know where this is going. So I woke up in Atlanta.”

Corden felt that something was missing from the story, so he asked, “To be clear, when you say ‘groggy,’ do you mean drunk? Because groggy could mean tired, but it sounds like you mean drunk.” The quick-witted Weatherly responded, “You and my wife asked the same question.”

Fortunately for Weatherly, Bull is such a success he feels comfortable relocating his family to New York City. So it looks like he won’t be making too many late-night flights to Atlanta next year.

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