Bumper-car trauma haunts 'Bachelor' contestant during demolition-derby date

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

It was a scary group date for Annaliese on The Bachelor when the ladies had to jump into some cars for a demolition derby. Annaliese was very upset by the idea of crashing cars, which is understandable — a car crash can be very traumatic experience. But that wasn’t why Annaliese was so upset. “When I was a kid, I was doing bumper cars,” Annaliese told some of the other girls, “and I just remember, like, getting trapped in the middle, and everyone just kept hitting me and I was just crying and I hated it.” Not liking bumper cars is one thing, but to break down crying some 20 years later was a bit unexpected, even for Annaliese. “I didn’t think I’d be, like, crying, but this is, like, my worst nightmare,” she said.

As you could imagine, some of the other girls weren’t very sensitive to Annaliese’s traumatic carnival experience. “A bumper-car trauma?” Jenny said before laughing, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that bumper-car trauma was a thing.” It’s not really, but thanks to the tears, Annaliese got some quality time with Arie. And the pep talk must have helped, because once the derby started, it was Annaliese who was traumatizing everyone else. Chris Harrison commented: “Annaliese was scared to death today, and she is going after it … crushing girls like it’s her job”

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