Burger King launches shameless Big Mac copycat

While Burger King’s latest sandwich creation may look strangely familiar, the fast food chain insists what makes its Big Mac knock-off different is its “unique fire-grilling.”

It’s not hard to see the similarities between BK’s Big King and its arch rival’s signature sandwich: both feature two “100 percent pure beef” patties with “special sauce,” lettuce, cheese and pickles between sesame seed buns.

The company makes a veiled reference to the inspiration behind its newest product launch in a press statement: “What makes the new Big King different than any other burger on the market is the unique fire-grilling that Burger King has been known for, for almost 60 years” reads the release. “...the Big King delivers a stacked burger experience that we know everyone loves.”

It’s not the first time the company has tried to make a Big Mac-style sandwich into its own. As pointed out by BusinessInsider.com, BK released a Big King back in 1997, making no attempt to hide the fact that it was a shameless copycat.

“It’s like a Big Mac but tastes better with 75 percent more beef.”

Meanwhile, early reviews are in and many taste testers agreed that the Big King fails to live up to its name.

"When I first unwrapped the sandwich I thought they forgot the beef. They were smaller than the pickle," wrote one fan on BK's Facebook page.

Other BK loyalists applauded the chain for releasing its own version of the iconic sandwich.

The Big King rolled out across the US this week and is available for $3.69.