Burger seller gets 5 years for Movida nightclub bombing

Shanti Gunaratnam

KUALA LUMPUR: A burger seller was thrown behind bars for five years by the High Court today for knowingly supporting terrorist acts in an attack at the Movida nightclub.

In sending Wan Syahrul Naim Wan Junus, 29, to prison, Judge Datuk Azman Abdullah said his responsibility lies with his parents and not supporting terror activities.

“You are from a small town in Pendang in Kedah and you should have helped out your parents.

“If you had kept yourself busy by helping out your parents at your family’s paddy fields, you would not have had the time to get involved in activities such as supporting acts of terror,” said Azman.

Wan Syahrul, the youngest of three siblings, pleaded guilty to the first charge of supporting the terrorist act, with the intention to further an ideology and threaten public order in Malaysia via the Telegram application on his mobile phone at a house in Kampung Pondok Cegar, Pendang, Kedah, between March 25 and June 29, 2016.

He also pleaded guilty to a second charge of possessing terrorist related items, in relation to the Islamic State, at the house in Pendang at 11.15pm June 29, 2016.

For the first offence, Azman sentenced Wan Syahrul to five years in prison and the second, two years.

Azman ordered both the sentences to run concurrently from Wan Syahrul’s date of arrest, June 29, 2016.

Azman in admonishing Wan Syahrul also said: “If your family or friends were victims of the bombing at Movida, then you would have been concerned. But since it happened to others, you were the least bit bothered and thought that it was okay to support what had happened.

“Learn from what has happened in Paris and other places. Please do not trouble your aged parents and you can use technology to read the Quran, which will bring tremendous benefits to you.”

The court also heard from counsel Zaidan Daud that Wan Syahrul had regretted his actions, had pleaded guilty early to both the offences to safe the court its time and cost, and had cooperated with the police from the day he was arrested.

Deputy public prosecutor Mohd Izhanudin Alias in seeking a deterrent sentence said the crimes committed were serious as Wan Syahrul had pledged his loyalty to the terrorist group.

“Based on the facts of case, he was also very supportive of the Movida nightclub bombing and had congratulated those behind the attack over the success of the attack.”