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Best Cakes In Singapore

Got a sweet tooth? Here's our 2015 guide to the best places to sit down for a slice and a cuppa, or buy a whole cake for special occasions!. This article was originally published on burpple.com. Download the app for iPhone and Android now at burpple.com/getapp!

  • 1. Kki Sweets (SOTA)

    Bras Basah For A Delicately Beautiful Treat

    Photo by 2foodgeeks Singapore

    For A Delicately Beautiful Treat
    Since re-opening in SOTA after an eight-month hiatus, a more accessible Kki is back to satisfy fans with their delicate and almost-too-perfect-to-eat cakes. Their Japanese-inspired French mousse cakes with fruity centres are handmade with love, and are worth the heftier price tag. Try their signature Antoinette ($8.80), a white chocolate mousse cake with a tangy mango centre, the Little Red Riding Hood ($9.80), a glossy dark chocolate mousse cake with a raspberry centre, or the Nao ($9.80), a strawberry mousse cake with pistachio cream centre. Savour these gorgeous creations slowly, and notice of how carefully and beautifully crafted they are!

  • 2. Mad About Sucre

    Outram Park For Delightful European-Inspired Treats

    Photo by Shawn Loh

    For Delightful European-Inspired Treats
    One of the most raved-about cakeries for their rich and sophisticated desserts, Mad About Sucre is not one to disappoint. Lovingly handcrafting every cake from scratch with no artificial flavourings and 20-60% reduced sugar, they give you a reason to indulge in more than just one deliciously well-balanced treat. Get the San Domingue ($12.80), a beautiful dome of chocolate mousse with caramelised plantain vanilla cream sitting on a Brittany crunch and topped with a rum-filled chocolate truffle. Do try the Passionne ($10.80) and Moulin Rouge ($10.80); despite having just a few cakes on the menu, each one is just as tantalising as the next!

  • 3. Fluff Bakery

    Bugis For Surprise-Centre Cupcakes

    Photo by Jennifer Yeo

    For Surprise-Centre Cupcakes
    Open from noon till they're sold out, you definitely want to get here early to get your hands on their incredibly fluffy cupcakes in all sorts of interesting flavours. Catering to local palates, find unique flavours like Kaya Pandan Cheese and Ondeh Ondeh with a gula Melaka core. Do flavours like Mango Sticky Rice, Earl Grey Pear Honey, Speculoos Latte Eggnog and Nutella Red Velvet sound good to you ($4 each)? Then you better head down early. Did we mention they're Halal-certified too? Just look for the snaking queue and hope that there will be some left for you — they sell out FAST!

  • 4. Cake Avenue

    Lorong Kilat For Moist, Decadent Delights

    Photo by Elaine Koh

    For Moist, Decadent Delights
    Cake Avenue’s elaborate customised cakes sold online has grown a following over the years, and have now set up a brick-and-mortar shop at Lorong Kilat. A visit here will be incomplete without having the Chocolate Red Velvet Cake, comprising three very moist layers slathered in a decadent chocolate frosting. Other cakes worth trying include the Chocolate Fudge Cake, Berries with White Chocolate and Chocolate Caramel Crunch. The bistro also dishes out savoury options like the Double Dog Baked Rice — two jumbo sausages in a cheesy marinara sauce. The space also serves as a venue to host themed parties and even cupcake decoration classes!

  • 5. Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe

    Bugis For the Best Black Forest Cake

    Photo by Jaslyn Shannen Sim

    For the Best Black Forest Cake
    Although the first thing that would probably come to mind when thinking of this place is their pork knuckle or German sausages, many proclaim their Black Forest cake here THE best in town. The moist and chocolaty cake layers are studded with cherries that are seriously boozy — soaked long enough in kirsch the way they should be, and they don't skimp on the chocolate shavings either! The apple crumble here is pretty legit too; the chunks of cinnamon-kissed caramelised apples beneath the buttery crumbles will bring your taste buds on a trip to Germany.

  • 6. Lady M (Orchard Central)

    Orchard For Splurge-worthy Occasions

    Photo by Jennifer Yeo

    For Splurge-worthy Occasions
    It takes a lot of willpower to resist ordering everything at Lady M – everything looks SO GOOD. With their newest and largest outlet finally open in Orchard Central, their Signature Mille Crepes ($9/slice) are more accessible than ever. Think "20 silky sheets of handmade crepes alternated with pastry cream, with a golden, caramelised top. Melt-in-the-mouth goodness", as described by Burpple Tastemaker Rachel Xie. Be sure to try the seasonal Green Tea Mille Crepes ($9) and the Orchard Central Boutique-exclusive Chocolate Mille Crepes ($9) when you get the chance.

  • 7. Audacious Cakery

    Outram Park For Sophisticated Flavours

    Photo by Jennifer Yeo

    For Sophisticated Flavours
    Upon entering this little cakery tucked away in Everton Park, you'll be greeted by an incredibly enticing display case of sweet treats. Give the Foret Noir ($9.80) a go — their indulgent take on the classic black forest, with elements of dark Valrhona chocolate and Kirsh-soaked cherries for that alcoholic kick. For something lighter, try the Zacharie ($7.80), a mango passion fruit-infused cheese mousse sitting on a ginger biscuit base, with a mango passion fruit core. Other cakes play with flavours including earl grey, matcha, lychee and even coconut! There's bound to be something to tickle your fancy.

  • 8. Chef Yamashita

    Tanjong Pagar For Artisan Japanese Treats

    Photo by Li Tian

    For Artisan Japanese Treats
    You can't go wrong with the classic Japanese-style shortcakes here, with Ichigo ($6.50) being the most popular choice. The Mango Rare Cheese ($6.80) is a delightful pick-me-up as well, showcasing a wonderful union of cheese and mango mousse. Aside from their cakes, also try the Luna Wraps ($5.90 each). These soft, fluffy folded sponge cakes sandwich flavoured cream and fresh fruits come in six different flavours including chocolate, matcha and banana and caramel. With their attractive, vibrant cake display, there's no way you're walking out with just one item!

  • 9. Baker's Brew Studio

    Sembawang For Popovers and Tall Cakes

    Photo by Zippy Lee

    For Popovers and Tall Cakes
    Recently opened among the cluster of eateries opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre is Baker's Brew Studio, a baking studio cum café concept. There is no partition between the baking kitchen and the seating area, so if you visit at the right time, you will get to observe the baking process and grab piping hot bakes fresh out of the oven! There is no fixed menu per se — the bakers let their creativity and inspiration dictate what rolls out daily. Past bakes include Earl Grey Lavender and Red Velvet cakes, Paddle Pop and Hazel Cheesepresso cheesecakes ($6.80), with many flavours yet to come. There's always something different to come back for!

  • 10. SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro (Westgate)

    Jurong East For Lava Cake Addicts

    Photo by Nikki Chua

    For Lava Cake Addicts
    You might never want to have lava cakes anywhere else after digging into the oozy, flowy, rich lava cakes at Sync. Matcha lovers flock here for the very much raved about Matcha Lava Cake ($7.90) served with a scoop of matcha ice cream topped with choclate shavings. Its warm, rich, liquid matcha centre will leave you immensely satisfied. Their Vanilla Taro Lava Cake with yam ice cream and the Misugaru (traditional grains) Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream are definitely worth trying too! You will all be licking your spoons clean.

  • 11. The Bakery Chef

    Bukit Merah For Gorgeous Treats in the Heartlands

    Photo by Perry Ong

    For Gorgeous Treats in the Heartlands
    The Bakery Chef offers quality bakes that are darn delicious and so very pretty. They offer dessert buffets every now and then — perfect for when you're feeling indulgent. The Chocolate Guanaja ($6) has an intense chocolate flavour, the Chocolate Praline ($6) is a crowd favourite, the gorgeously moist Rainbow Cake ($5.80) sells out fast, and the Lollipop Cheesecake ($7.20) is always a hit. If you suffer from the pain of being indecisive, go for their dessert platter! Grab your friends along because good friends share calories, right?

  • 12. Lynn's Cakes & Coffee

    Lorong Kilat For Carrot Cake and Red Velvet

    Photo by Muriel A

    For Carrot Cake and Red Velvet
    You never need an occasion to justify eating cake, especially not at Lynn's Cakes and Coffee, where the cakes are moist and flavourful. They do classic cakes well, with a spot on cake-to-frosting ratio. If you're looking for great Red Velvet, Carrot Cake and Rainbow Cake, look no further. Their display case can have up to 12 flavours of cake at any one time, including other popular items like the Dark Chocolate Heaven and Salted Caramel Cake – you'd be spoilt for choice! Albeit slightly inconvenient, it is worth the travel. Prices range from $5.50 to $8.50.

  • 13. Ciel Pâtisserie

    Kovan For Unpretentious, Delicate Cakes

    Photo by belle ong

    For Unpretentious, Delicate Cakes
    Ciel Patisserie serves cakes that are more than worth every penny and are pleasing to the eye, palate and wallet. The Fuji ($5.20), perhaps their most unique creation, is a pyramid of pudding-like green tea mousse with a lychee gelée surprise centre atop a delicate green tea sponge base. Their Strawberry Shortcake ($5.60) is excellent, the perfect choice for a lighter cake. Grabbing cakes and drinks in this small but lovely café could very well be one of life's simplest pleasures. Given its location in Hougang Avenue 1, Ciel is indeed a hidden gem.

  • 14. The Fabulous Baker Boy

    City Hall For Fabulously Tall Cakes

    Photo by Wendolyn Teo

    For Fabulously Tall Cakes
    Known for their gorgeous HUGE cakes, The Fabulous Baker Boy is simply fabulous. Dig into their sinfully rich, chocolate covered FAB Red Velvet cake ($9) or their classic Big Lub's Carrot Cake ($8.50) with a cup of coffee. Set in The Foothills, it's a nice place to relax with a couple of friends on a languid afternoon. We suggest that you share a few slices, but hey, sometimes it's alright to be selfish.

  • 15. Cake Spade

    Tanjong Pagar For Your Daily Cake Fix

    Photo by Zhihui Lim

    For Your Daily Cake Fix
    Opened by the gutsy Zenn Eng, Cake Spade brings something fresh to the cake scene. Her tofu cheesecakes are genius, light and creamy at the same time, appealing even to those who don't like cheese or tofu (well, they don't actually contain tofu, it refers to the texture). The Strawberry/Peach Tofu Cheesecakes ($5.60) are must-try treats, as well as the Brownie Base Cheesecake ($6.50), which combines the best of two amazing worlds. What Cake Spade has really achieved is great balance and irresistible variety. Check out this little space for yourself, and get a few (or many) slices to share.

  • 16. Pine Garden's Cake

    Ang Mo Kio For Fantastic Value

    Photo by Clara Bean

    For Fantastic Value
    This unassuming bakery will surprise you with its variety, affordability and quality. It is rare to find a neighbourhood bakery that does such unique buttercream variations, and Pine Garden does it remarkably well. Popular flavours include their Lychee Martini Cake, Black Forest Cake and their innovative Pulut Hitam Cake, which will leave you wanting more ($2.50 each). These guys even do custom wedding and birthday cakes along with Asian pastries!

  • 17. Dulcet & Studio

    Clarke Quay For Fluffy Japanese Heaven

    Photo by Steve G

    For Fluffy Japanese Heaven
    Trust the Japanese to perfect the ""it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"" texture of cakes. Some say that Dulcet & Studio has the best scoop cake ever, with two light-as-air sponge layers slathered with just the right amount of ethereal vanilla-scented cream and topped with fresh fruit. It sells out really quickly, and is best eaten fast at the shop. Fans of green tea can also dig into their popular Matcha Chiffon Cake (prices from $6) as well as the Matcha Cream Choux — crisp and crumbly on the outside, and decadently creamy on the inside.

  • 18. L'Atelier Tirami Sù

    Clarke Quay For Tiramisu Lovers

    Photo by gninethree G93

    For Tiramisu Lovers
    Translated as "the Tiramisu workshop", L'Atelier Tirami Sù specialises in just this one item, and is arguably the best tiramisu in Singapore. Crowd favourites include: the Classico, gorgeously light and aromatic; the Dark Cherry, great for those who love intense liqueur and cognac notes; and the Lychee for those eager for an unconventional exotic twist ($6.90 each). To make the experience complete, enjoy a beautifully made cup of coffee along with your tiramisu. It might interest you to know that the coffee used in the tiramisu is pulled from Liberty beans!

  • 19. Rich And Good Cake Shop

    Bugis For Old School Flavors

    Photo by Wendolyn Teo

    For Old School Flavors
    Ok, we're gonna close one eye, and consider the humble Swiss roll as a form of cake. Simple yet extremely delicious, we love how good things come in a roll. These classic Swiss rolls are perfect for a simple afternoon tea with the family, with traditional flavors like kaya, durian and mango ($8/roll). Those who queue for these rolls often buy five to 10 rolls at a go, distributing them among family members and colleagues. We recommend you do the same!

  • 20. Chocolate Origin (313@Somerset)

    Orchard For A Rich Chocolately Experience

    Photo by Celest Lim

    For A Rich Chocolately Experience
    A very hungry Burpple Tastemaker, Celest, puts it perfectly: ""This is chocolate – in cake form"". Don't bother resisting the urge, just buy a whole cake and we assure you it'll be love at first bite. You won't want to share it, but you'll have to, because it's just too darn good. It's a tough fight between the original and the dark chocolate; they're both excellent. Their take on a molten lava cake (Cuppa Lava Cake, $5) is a must-try as well, with warm oozing chocolate cake sitting atop cold vanilla ice cream in a cup — the perfect combination of hot and cold with extra oozy chocolate!

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