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Best Places for Ice Cream

Inside Scoop


Photo by Burppler Zachary Yeoh

For Consistently Good Ice Cream
There’s always a crowd at Inside Scoop, no doubt here for their quality ice cream, bountiful flavours and friendly service. There are over 70 unique flavours on rotation, so you’re always in for a surprise. Must-haves include the ultra-rich Valrhona Chocolate (RM10.20) and the Musang King (RM12.10), made with fresh durians sourced from Raub. The ice cream purveyors also make warm, fluffy Buttermilk Waffles (RM14.50 with one single scoop ice cream).

Joy St.


Photo by Burppler Alyssia Yu

For Smooth and Creamy Gelato
You can rely on the team at Joy St. to deliver lustrous gelato. We like the Salted Caramel (from RM10 per scoop) with its moreish, smoky flavour, while other bestsellers include the Earl Grey, Lotus Biscoff and a guilt-free Watermelon Lychee sorbet. If you like your dessert with a kick, go for their Rum & Raisin that sees just the right balance of bitter rum and sweetness.



Photo by Burppler Serena Ho

For Ice Cream in All Forms
Frozen’s easy-to-love ice cream offerings come in many forms — ice cream cakes, plated desserts and a plain old scoop. What we like most is their take on local flavours, especially the sweet Kaya Toast (from RM10.90) with crumbly pastry bits. For something to share, get the popular Mosqow (RM18) cake that blends pandan kaya and coconut sorbet.

Piccoli Lotti


Photo by Burppler Alyssia Yu

For Ice Cream With a Local Twist
Piccoli Lotti has 18 flavours to its name, but fans (us included) flock over for just one — the famous Pulut Tai Tai (from RM8). The Nyonya kuih-inspired treat tastes just like the real thing. Butterfly pea flower is used to give the ice cream natural blue streaks, and glutinous rice bits are folded in to create that kuih-like chewy texture.

Kind Kones


Photo by Burppler Calie Tang

For Ice Cream That’s Good For You
If you’re into all-natural vegan ice cream, consider Kind Kones your match. Burpple community-favourites include the earthy Charcoal Vanilla (from RM11.80), Cinnamon Toast and Salted Chocolate Chip (from RM9.90). Pair it with the light and crunchy vegan cone (RM1.90) or turn it into an Ice Cream Sandwich (RM19.90).

Creamery Boutique Ice Creams KL


Photo by Burppler Priscilla Yan Yan

For Delectable Ice Cream Cookies
Made in small batches, the ice cream at Creamery features unique flavours, like Mi Tine (Milo and white malt Ovaltine, from RM8.90) and Counter Strike (from RM8.90), a combination of pistachio, caramel and chocolate fudge. To jazz up the treat, have it served on a skillet with a giant cookie filled with gooey 'lava' (a flavoured filling of your choice) for only RM16.90.

The Ice Cream Bar


Photo by Burppler Sok Chien Lim

For Heady Alcoholic Ice Cream
By the folks behind Inside Scoop, The Ice Cream Bar doles out adult-friendly, alcoholic scoops. There are at least nine boozy flavours, including Gold Apple Cider, Whisky Cream, XO Cranberry and Smoked Cognac (from RM8 a scoop). The Gold Apple Cider (they use Strongbow) is sweet and refreshing while the Smoked Cognac is rich and punchy with brandy.

Soft Launch Cafe


Photo by Burppler Kaelyn Pu

For Silky Chrysanthemum Soft Serve
When in Sri Petaling, don’t miss this Chrysanthemum Soft Serve (RM10) that comes topped with delicate osmanthus jelly cubes and sweet goji berries. The familiar, floral chrysanthemum notes make an unusual but pleasantly exquisite experience. In case this isn’t your cup of tea, there are more conventional flavours like Sweet Potato, Chocolate and Yam.

Whimsical - Gelateria & Caffe


Photo by Burppler Linda Hiew

For Over 200 Flavours
You read that right! Whimsical has a catalogue of 200 flavours and they show no sign of stopping. The shop typically features a rotation of 12 flavours, alongside a boozy one. Choose from the bestselling Hazelnut and Salted Caramel, or the vegan-friendly Coconut Gula Melaka sorbetto, all priced from RM8 a scoop. Make it a meal (because you can) by pairing your scoop with a brownie (RM14.90) or a waffle (from RM15).

Dessert Bar @ Decadent by Four Seasons


Photo by Burppler Jesuis Enamourez

For Decadent Gelatos and Ice Creams
Treat yourself at the Four Seasons’ upscale dessert bar. Burppler Jesuis Enamourez waxed lyrical about their varied ice cream selection, sporting flavours such as a top-notch Teh Tarik Golden Raisins, Pulut Hitam and Coconut Salted Caramel. A single scoop will set you back RM15 — worth every penny for the generous portion.

Urban Artisan


Photo by Burppler Serena Ho

For Super Instagrammable Soft Serve
The next time you’re strolling through Chinatown, make a stop at Urban Artisan for their Sea Salt Soft Serve (from RM11.90). The vibrantly blue dessert has a wonderfully smooth and creamy consistency and is subtly salty, which means it blends really well when swirled with sweeter flavours, such as the currently available Milk Chocolate. Follow their Instagram page for weekly flavour updates.

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