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Best Places for Sandwiches

A Toast


Photo by Burppler Fedoz Chong

For Sandwiches to Fuel Your Mornings
You can trust the A-team at A Toast to deliver wholesome breakfast sandwiches to get you through the day. Order the Bamboo Charcoal Sandwich (RM9.80) that sees the classic pairing of eggs and tomatoes, topped with loads of crispy chicken floss. There’s also a hearty Milky White Toast (RM9.20) with grilled chicken to hold you over till lunch. The popular Pudu sandwich joint also just opened a spanking new outlet in Kepong!

Commoners Space


Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass

For Homemade Breads and Kombucha
Expect goodies made from the heart at Shah Alam’s Commoners Space. Oozing with gooey cheese, the RTB Sandwich (RM14) is a must-have. It’s made with their homemade sourdough bread, slabbed with mustard mayo, beef bacon and melty cheese – a scrumptious sando! Wash down the rich but delicious meal with their specialty Kombucha (RM5), a sweetened, fermented black tea.

Zǎo - Breakfast Anytime


Photo by Burppler Wen Hui Yap

For Taiwanese-Style Sarnies
Early risers, head to Zǎo for a brekkie. Open from 6am, Zǎo does a spot-on Korean Kimchi Porky (RM19) that’s hearty, messy and downright tasty. Another standout is the Western-inspired Nut Butter Bacon & Grilled Pumpkin (RM12) – we love the extra slice of bread tucked in the middle to help sop up the buttery goodness. Pair these with their strong Organic Black Coffee (RM5).



Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass

For Tasty and Filling Toasties
When the hunger pangs hit at work, count on Intermark’s hotspot Grizzly. The Green Eggs Pesto Omelette (RM15) features a fluffy slab of green and herby omelette. If you need protein to power through the day, the Chicken Avocado Grilled Cheese W. Wasabi Mayo (RM12) will fill you right up. But be warned, that wasabi mayo packs a sharp, nose-clearing punch!

Tray Cafe


Photo by Burppler Alison K

For a Satisfying Rib Eye Sandwich
This cafe’s honest-to-goodness eats are prepared in-house, unstinting on quality. There are only a handful of sandwiches, but you just need the star: the Australian Roast Rib Eye Sandwich (RM25) with tender and flavourful beef, basil pesto and caramelised onions on multigrain toast. We’re not sharing this stellar sando!

Der Backmeister


Photo by Burppler Alison K

For Sandos Made with German Breads
TTDI’s German bakery has fed the neighbourhood freshly baked breads for years. Their famous multigrain bread is the building block for most of the sandwiches here. The vegetarian-friendly Camembert Apple Sandwich (RM18) comes with a sweet and tangy fruit chutney, while the German Semmel Sandwich (RM14), sporting layers of turkey ham, meatloaf, bresaola and chorizo, is not to be missed either.

Good Blue Men


Photo by Burppler The Shooflypie

For Malaysian-Inspired Sandwiches
When in Happy Mansion, look to Good Blue Men for the meaty, sloppy Kam Heong Sandwich (RM21). Tender chicken fillets are handsomely doused in homemade kam heong sauce and layered with rocket leaves on housemade oregano toast. Familiar local flavours like tom yum and achar are also incorporated into their other sandwich options.

TLB Bakery & Cafe


Photo by Burppler Carmen Chan

For Rustic Sourdough Sandwiches
Here’s why we love the sandwiches at TLB Bakery & Cafe. They’re simple but satisfying, they come in stalwart baker Tommy Lee’s artisanal sourdough AND they’re all big on flavour. Favourites include the Roast Ribeye Steak (RM18) and Egg Mayo Dijon Mustard (RM12), but also worth the splurge is a sexy Mozzarella Tomato Sourdough Toast (RM28) stuffed with copious amounts of melt-in-the-mouth cheese.

Bottega MY


Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass

For Italian Sandwiches in KL
This homey Italian deli made a name for bringing classic Italian-sourced meat and cheeses to the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and you can have the best of these packed into a panini. Order the Parma (RM23.20). The salty ham flirts with the rich fontina, and mingles beautifully with the sweet artichokes, bitter rocket leaves and tart tomatoes – a symphony of flavours!

The Good Co.


Photo by Burppler Calie Tang

For Healthy Sandwiches That Satisfy
The Good Co. keeps it lean, clean and green with the healthful sandwiches on their menu. The calorie-friendly Hawaiian (RM20.90) puts grilled pineapple, tempeh and egg on organic cranberry bread for a delightfully filling meal. The Daging Tarik (RM18.90), featuring shredded oyster mushroom in place of pulled pork for a barbecue-inspired sandwich, is tasty too. Keep this place in mind the next time you’re looking for vegetarian sarnies!

Simplicite Sandwiches


Photo by Burppler Alison K

For Simply Good Sandwiches in Cheras
Good things come in small packages, just like the compact, brown paper wrapped-sarnies at Simplicite. Build your own, choosing from their house-baked sourdough, white bread or baguette as a base. We liked the Ribeye Baguette (RM8.50 for half) with thin, tender beef slices that meld perfectly with the tomatoes, cheese and extra sweet baby pickles. The mildly seasoned chicken option pairs best with their sourdough bread, which has a heavy tang. You can also take home a loaf of this fresh, unleavened bread for just RM8!

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