Burpple - Best Supper Spots In SS15

Best Supper Spots In SS15

In the day, SS15 is the traffic-laden student hub, but after dark, the area transforms into this treasure trove of late night eats. Whether you're looking to study in a cafe over late night coffee, sup on Middle-Eastern cuisine with the gang or tuck into warm nasi lemak at night, there's a supper spot for you in SS15!. This article was originally published on burpple.com. Download the app for iPhone and Android now at burpple.com/getapp!

  • 1. Oregi Restaurant

    Subang Jaya For Middle Eastern Supper And Shisha

    For Middle Eastern Supper And Shisha
    For those who enjoy their suppers smoky, here's a spot for late night eats with a side of shisha. Seats spill to the sidewalks to accommodate big groups, so bring the gang! Oregi's menu meshes Middle Eastern classics with a handful of Western plates. While their Aglio Olio (from RM9.90) is a safe and tasty option, we'd urge you to take the adventurous route to the Middle East — these dishes are rarely found with such affordable price tags. If the night calls for something hearty, order their Lamb Kabsa Rice (RM17.90) and mop up delicious Arabic-spiced, braised lamb chunks with long grain basmati rice. Otherwise, get the Araes (RM10.90) for sharing. Resembling crispy quesadillas, the charcoal-toasted Arabic bread stuffed with minced lamb kebab meat is cut into triangles for easy snacking. Pro tip: Oregi allows indoor vaping after 11.30pm so choose your seats wisely! Avg price per person: RM20 Photo by Burppler Priska Rafel

  • 2. Sumika 炭家

    Subang Jaya For Skewers And Sake

    For Skewers And Sake
    At SS15's stalwart Sumi-Ka, yummy skewers are what keep regulars streaming in all night long. This means that they sometimes run out fast, so come early for the prime parts. The bustling bar is an ideal place to wind down with a friend, but you can also snag one of the larger tables to sup with a group of colleagues after work. On skewers, the Gyuniku (beef, RM12) is fantastic. Grilled with just a touch of salt, the juicy beef is left to deliver meaty flavours. We can also vouch for the Bonjiri (bishop's nose, RM4) — chicken's rump done well enough to delight even less adventurous diners. Chase down these greasy skewers with a couple shots of Sake (from RM54 per 300ml). While some might want continue on their skewer streak, those who have a sweet tooth should cap supper off with the Sumi-Ka Pudding (RM6), a creamy egg custard pudding with a bittersweet caramelised top. Avg price per person: RM40 Photo by Burppler Esther Setelyn

  • 3. Asia Cafe

    Subang Jaya For Great Variety After Dark

    For Great Variety After Dark
    SS15's haven for night owls is Asia Cafe, the central food court that houses a throng of hawkers for both local and international eats. The casual locale sports ample seats and it never gets too quiet. From boiled soups to freshly made takoyaki and fried mushrooms, your supper selections are endless here. We say go for the simplest: Indomee (RM3). Despite the variety of offerings, this Indomee stall remains their most popular. The no-brainer order is the evenly seasoned instant noodles, topped with a single fried egg. There is also Indomee with extra trimmings for the meat-hungry, from an additional RM2 for either sausage, beef bacon bits or ham. If not noodles, consider the cafe's affordable made-to-order seafood. Crabs from RM15? Yes, please! Avg price per person: RM10 Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh

  • 4. Grafa Cafe

    Subang Jaya For A Hearty Western Supper

    For A Hearty Western Supper
    Tucked behind the facade of a clothing store, Grafa is a hidden gem for something hearty in the night. The food is for sharing and the vibes are chill at this open-air space, making it a great supper spot for both families and friends. The menu melds Western fare with local dishes, and be warned, the portions are huge. For a soothing option, the Seafood Chowder (RM25) is a creamy bowl generously filled with mussels, prawns and squids. The soup also comes with garlic bread for dipping. To share, order the Garlic Butter Noodles (from RM15). Springy air-dried noodles are doused in butter, then fried with garlic and chili padi. The result is a unique buttery flavour that straddles heat with richness. The cafe also cooks up a mean Chicken Chop (RM16.50) if you're up for something meatier! Avg price per person: RM25 Photo by Burppler Erica Jioe

  • 5. Gold Chilli (SS15)

    Subang Jaya For Amazing Buttermilk Chicken

    For Amazing Buttermilk Chicken
    This modest restaurant sees long, snaking queues for dinner everyday, so many now come here for supper instead. Do the same and round up a few friends to share this comfort-giving meal over late night chats. The Buttermilk Chicken (from RM8) is good as gold, featuring large, tender chicken pieces in a rich, creamy butter sauce. For those who avoid chicken because of bones, rejoice in their boneless version, which will cost you an additional RM1. Also good is the Buttermilk Sotong (from RM10.50) with toothsome, batter-fried squid that relies on the same sauce to satisfy. Have these luscious dishes with the Tom Yam Fried Rice (from RM6.50) — a great sourish, spicy main to help the meal along. Avg price per person: RM20 Photo by Burppler Martin Wong

  • 6. Nasi Kandar Darussalam

    Subang Jaya For Late Night Nasi Lemak Ayam

    For Late Night Nasi Lemak Ayam
    When it comes to suppertime nasi lemak in SS15, look to long-established mamak Darussalam to satiate cravings. Come after a long day's work and be sure to sit upstairs — the restaurant's second floor is blessed with nighttime breeze. Our favourite order here is the Nasi Lemak Ayam (RM6.70) that's served really quickly, but more importantly, with standards. Each plate features warm rice topped with a fried egg, flavourful fried chicken and a whopping side of sambal that packs a punch! The mamak has also recently introduced Butter Chicken Rice (RM7.50) to accommodate spillover customers from their next-door neighbour, Gold Chili. Although not as rich, their humble version of the dish is surprisingly satisfying with plenty of gravy to ladle over rice. Avg price per person: RM10 Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass

  • 7. Escapade by The Skinny Bakers

    Subang Jaya For Midnight Ice-Cream Runs

    For Midnight Ice-Cream Runs
    Here is a dessert place that opens unusually late till midnight. Known for their fresh cookies baked in-house and top-notch ice-cream sandwiches (made with said cookies), the shop is decked out in a cheerful combination of blue and white. Bring a close friend with you to share a sweet treat past bedtime. Get an Ice Cream Sandwich (RM9.90) — it's a classic that features creamy vanilla between chocolate chip cookies. Alternatively, the Roti Ice Cream (RM8.90) makes a nostalgic favourite! Choose any three ice cream flavours and watch as they jam all three into a long bun. The simple dessert is very filling thanks to the soft, pillowy buns soaked in ice cream, so order it strictly for sharing. Avg price per person: RM10 Photo by Burppler Emily C

  • 8. PHIX

    Subang Jaya For Coffee, Cakes And A Smoky Fix

    For Coffee, Cakes And A Smoky Fix
    Part cafe, part vape store, PHIX has more than a smoky fix to offer its patrons — it also serves up great coffee and cakes. The establishment is fronted by a leafy entrance, which leads to student-friendly seatings equipped with power sockets (and their fast Wi-Fi connection). To slave over a last-minute deadline, hit up this spot for something to sustain you through the night. It's never too late for a Latte (RM10) or their Hot Chocolate (RM10), which has the right balance of sweet and bitter. To tame the munchies, the Biscoff Cheesecake (RM14) is excellent motivation to work harder. The cheesecake rests on a thick, crumbly biscuit base and is finished with sticky caramel sauce — an instant sugar rush for late night cramming! For a more wholesome snack, order their Roast Duck & Guacamole Quesadillas (RM18). The fillings come together for a zesty finish, making it a supper you don't feel too bad about finishing. Avg price per person: RM25 Photo by Burppler Erica Jioe

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