Burst lorry tyre sends gas cylinders flying on NSE

Halim Said

JOHOR BARU: A burst tyre of a lorry laden with barrels of gas cylinder brought traffic to a standstill at Km43 of the North-South Expressway today.

The 4pm incident saw the lorry turning turtle, casting gas cylinders all over the highway.

State traffic police chief Superintendant Dzulkhairi Mukhtar said the lorry driver had lost control of his vehicle after one of its tyre burst.

As the gas cylinders came tumbling down and rolled all over the road, motorists panicked for fear of a possible explosion.

Thankfully, no such occurrence took place.

“The lorry driver sustained burn injuries from a leaking radiator in the lorry. Another car was also involved in the incident but the driver was unharmed,” he said.

He added no explosions occurred and the team from Renggam Fire and Rescue Department was hard at work, removing all the gas cylinders.

Dzulkhairi also said that the fire fighters also had to clean up the road as the incident also caused the lorry’s engine oil tank to leak.

“The incident had led to the road to be temporarily close to motorists. Those who are heading to the city have been diverted to the Senai exit,” he said.