Buscemi baffled by stabbing

Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi still has no idea what caused a man to get into a "semi-psychotic state" and try to kill him.

The actor was shooting Domestic Disturbance with Vince Vaughn in Wilmington, North California, in 2001 when the incident occurred. The co-stars exchanged words with two locals, said to be after one of their girlfriends started chatting to Vince. A fight ensued which saw Steve stabbed in the arm, throat and head but he is tired of discussing the incident.

"We were out, we were in a bar, there was some trouble between Vince and another guy and that was taped, so they went outside but that was broken up, and we were actually just trying to leave, and then somebody else just started saying something and I had words with him and he pulled out a knife, and we sort of wrestled around and I got the worst of it," he told British newspaper The Guardian.

"Everybody was drinking too much and I don't know what else he was doing that may have caused him to go into a semi-psychotic state."

Timothy Fogerty was eventually charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

The 55-year-old actor can understand why people are still interested in the story, but wishes things like politics garnered attention as much.

He worries about the state of the world and America in particular and thinks people need to be kinder to each other. Steve also fears things won't improve until issues of class have been addressed.

"I'm not against capitalism, but it's another thing to blame the victim. A lot of poor people have made something of themselves but nobody does it on their own. Everybody needs help. There's nothing wrong with having government help, and I think if your goal is only to make money, that's not a worthy goal in and of itself," he said.

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