Bush rocker Gavin Rossdale reveals touching encounter with 'sweet' homeless man

Gavin Rossdale loves to see the effect music has on his fans credit:Bang Showbiz
Gavin Rossdale loves to see the effect music has on his fans credit:Bang Showbiz

Gavin Rossdale finds it "really fun" to see how his fame affects people.

The 58-year-old rock star is best known as the frontman of Bush alongside Nigel Pulsford, Dave Parsons and Robin Goodridge and recalled that their work even once reached a homeless man who was thrilled to get the chance to meet him.

He told UsWeekly: "There [was once] a sweet homeless guy and I walked past him and he goes, ‘Are you [Gavin Rossdale]?’ He was shouting my name all the way up the street. It’s really fun to see the effect [the band has] on people."

The 'Come Down' hitmaker is currently on tour with his band and revealed that as he prepares to take to the stage, he warms up in the showers and lights candles in his dressing room but does not put anything specific on his rider.

He said: "I warm up on a small trampoline, which balances your vestibular system and brain. In arenas, they have big, team showers, so I [do vocal] warm-ups in there. I’ll also have a nice, cold Sapporo.

"I like it really dim [in my dressing room], so low-lit candles. “[I have] a range of drinks [stocked] so people can come in and have a drink. There’s different snacks, but I don’t pay attention to the riders: If you put M+M’s on your rider, you’ll eat M+Ms for months!"

Meanwhile, Gavin - who has Kingston, 18, and Zuma, 15, with ex-wife Gwen Stefani -recently joked that even though his kids will see him solely as a "caterer", he enjoys not having to choose between his career and spending time with them when he takes them on the road.

He said: "“I mean, they just keep me as a caterer that I like to be. When I’m on the road and without them — they’re the two best things in my life. "So when I can combine them, I can sing and do my thing and have people applaud me. … I get the applause from out there [on stage] from people and I come back and I’m just with them."