Business Coach and Digital Marketing Guru Manas Khatri Shares His Entrepreneurial Journey

Strong belief and firm determination are the only stairs that take you towards your destination. When you start learning from your mistakes you start constructing yourself and construction should be done at every stage! Despite getting rejections, Manas Khatri never stopped. He learnt every day from the mistakes of past. Manas kept on constructing new Manas. Manas Khatri, is an Entrepreneur who had been through such an exciting journey. A Serial Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and founder of Digital Jugglers - 360° Marketing Agency. Manas Khatri has been awarded with Young Achiever’s Award 2020-21 for his Excellence in Startup Consultation.

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Being a man from non-business Family, Manas faced lot of criticisms when he decided to start his Company. A middle class boy, with a dream in his eyes, walked without any support. He took all the criticisms as motivation and challenge to turn the criticisms into appreciation. He worked for 15-16 hours daily. He had been alone on this journey. He says to get the most out of the day one should establish clear priorities before starting the work. He assists a variety of companies with his expertise in marketing and IT and is a trusted advisor to 26+ companies. He stays cool & motivated to work with full energy. Manas says creativity and unique strategy is the strength of the company and every client is special so we try to make them feel wow with our services.

Ability to convince Corporate Clients & providing good results in terms of ROI to Startups is somewhere a big Achievement. For him employees are great assets for any Creative Agency and so it is important to build a team of people who love to do a task not just complete it. He not only encourages his team to bring new ideas but also makes them feel part of family. Team meetings and fun learning sessions are organised to boost up the morale of the team.

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Setting a Benchmark

Digital Jugglers has a strong presence not only in Lucknow but also in different cities and abroad too. The work has been recognised by many clients and the company has worked for many Politicians and companies like Sahara India Pariwar, Naturals, Hero Honda, Toni and Guy and lots more. By adding more services, Manas is focusing on building a complete ecosystem for Businesses. He is working on expanding his business in more cities and Internationally. Adding more products and subscription based services. With his farsightedness, Manas has showed that he is a visionary entrepreneur. He is a strong believer of Karma & keeps everything up to date. He feeds his mind with positive thoughts & loves to learn new Skills everyday.

He says, The world is changing so we are. We keep adding new things and updating old ones. We suggest our clients new ways and what’s trending. It’s a long way, will keep with flow.