Busy Philipps wants to ban questions on mom-guilt: 'I've never seen Mark Ruffalo give an interview on how he balances it all'

Busy Philipps is not afraid to speak out for women everywhere. The actor and activist has not shied away from sharing her own experiences candidly with her fans, whether she’s discussing her career, her political beliefs or parenting.

As a mother of two, Philipps says there’s a conversation that “needs to shift in our culture” with regard to how men and women are approached about their experiences as working parents.

“The one question I think we could just get rid of is the question about mom-guilt. ‘How do you do it all?’ ‘You've been working mom for so long, how do you balance it?’” Philipps tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I've never seen Mark Ruffalo give an interview on how he balances it all ... I’ve never heard John Krasinski have to wax philosophically about how he’s managed to balance it all, you know. But I'm sure Emily [Blunt] has been asked it.”

The 40-year-old said that she believed people with a platform – whether they have millions of followers or discuss within their own friend groups – can help change the conversation by opening up “about our experiences as women in the world at this time.”

“We need to release ourselves from this idea that there's something to be, that is shameful or to feel guilty about or that we're not able to do it. Or that it’s so unbelievably difficult for us to try to work together and make all of these things happen,” she says.

Philipps was honest about her experiences with her changing body after becoming a mother. She admitted that she had some trouble getting her eldest daughter, Birdie, to latch on during breastfeeding, but with her second child, Cricket, she knew what to do.

She experienced unexpected bladder leakage after her second pregnancy, which she hoped more women could talk about. Philipps has partnered with Poise to break the stigma around taboo health topics.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 10: Busy Philipps discusses the importance of shattering stigmas around below-the-belt women's health topics with Poise® brand on March 10, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Simon Russell/Getty Images for Poise)

“I wished more people had talked about it because in my head, I thought that bladder leakage was something that just magically happened to you when you became an elderly woman and I didn't know that at age 34, I was gonna have to figure out how to strengthen my pelvic floor post-two babies,” she admitted. “I just feel like women get so nervous about talking about it, they don’t want to buy products for it because it’s like embarrassing, but it’s really not. It’s fine and you can recover from it.”

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