If You Buy Just One Thing From Dermstore’s Anniversary Sale, Make It This Eyelash Serum

Christie Calucchia
·2-min read


Once a year, Dermstore graces its shoppers with a massive anniversary sale. It’s one of the best times to stock up on your favorite beauty products, and this year the retailer is offering up to 25 percent off select products through August 17. That includes many of its best-selling products from top brands, like The Original SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer from SmartFX.

While you may not be putting on a full face of makeup on the regular these days, if there’s one beauty product to invest in right now, it’s an eyelash serum. After all, your natural lashes are always front and center (even when you’re wearing a face mask). And, at 25 percent off, the price of Smart FX’s eyelash enhancer can’t be beat.

Its formula calls on biotin, peptides, and panthenol to improve the thickness and length of lashes. Biotin is a B vitamin often found in beauty products that promote the health of hair, skin, and nails. Peptides are amino acids that make up proteins and are also thought to support hair growth. And panthenol, another ingredient commonly used in beauty products, offers moisture and hydration.


To buy: $22 (was $30); dermstore.com.

The reviews of this small but powerful product speak for themselves. More than 3,700 Dermstore shoppers have awarded the eyelash enhancer with a perfect five-star rating. Some even compared the affordable serum to prescription options.

“I used Latisse twice and each time ended up with red eyes and an infection,” one reviewer wrote. “So I gave this a try. It is totally safe, and my stub eyelashes are getting longer.”

Another said, “I had extensions for so long that it took a toll. Happy to say that this product is working great so far!”

To see the best results, the brand recommends applying the serum twice a day at the base of the lashes on your eyelid skin. Be sure to shake up the tube before use and don’t swipe it directly on your eyelashes. Once it’s dry, feel free to apply mascara or eyeliner as you usually would.

While the popular serum usually costs $30, you can buy it for $22 during Dermstore’s Anniversary Sale. Hurry, there are only a few days left before the sale ends!