‘By Invite Only’ offers mosquito repellent jewellery

Image: By Invite Only | Yu Ahn Cluster Necklace

You’re probably used to seeing citronella candles to ward off mosquitos, but what if you your own jewellery could repel the pesky critters?

Enter By Invite Only, a Singapore jewellery company that is warding off mosquitos with its new line of accessories. 

The Yu Ahn Collection is the company’s new jade-coloured line (jade is a Chinese colour symbol said to protect against evil and bad luck), that comes with pendants equipped to hold refillable citronella balls. 

Image: By Invite Only | Yu Ahn Cluster Necklace

The bracelets and necklaces are made with stainless steel while the Yu Ahn Square Bracelet also incorporates onyx and rhodium plated chains into the design. Each item comes with three citronella mosquito repellent beads (under $5 CND for the batch).

The demand has been so high that the collection is currently sold out, but those interested can sign up for a waiting list until stock is replenished. According to the website, By Invite Only focuses on “producing style-lines that are constantly replenished to give buyers fresh choices,” so the sold-out dilemma shouldn’t last long, hopefully. 

Prices ranges from $45 CND to $62 CND. 

Trixie Khong, the company’s founder, recently told Mashable that people aren’t always keen on bringing mosquito repellent with them everywhere they go even though “mosquito-borne diseases are a problem in Singapore.” So she decided to “combine the concept of safety with fashion.”

By Invite Only | Yu Ahn Square Bracelet 

Like many other countries, Singapore is currently dealing with the Zika and dengue viruses, both of which can be spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. According to health officials, there are over 275 Zika cases in Singapore and surrounding states (such as Johor). Singapore has reported two cases that involve pregnant women. 

Just today nine more locally transmitted Zika virus cases were announced in Singapore.

Thus far, the Zika virus has been reported in 67 countries and territories. 

Malaysia has also seen a surge in dengue fever, which according to the National Environment Agency (NEA) reports there are currently over 11,400 cases.