Bye bye birdies: Jurong Bird Park closes its doors for now

Jurong Bird Park celebrated its 52nd anniversary yesterday by closing its doors for now until the new Bird Paradise opens later this year at Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

Over 30,000 people showed up to bid finals farewell since Friday, tallying to over 41 million guests since its opening in 1971. The 20.2-hectare park is home to 3,500 birds across 400 species.

“It is the end of a wonderful era that has been full of dear memories for staff and visitors alike. Even as we bid goodbye to this physical space, it is with excitement that we look to the future and the next chapter at Mandai Wildlife Reserve with the new Bird Paradise,” the park’s Vice President Daisy Ling said in a news release.

While the move is happening, the animals will definitely be taken care of, according to the park’s representatives.

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group
Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group

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