The cabinet ministers people think are the most important have been revealed

Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson

New research has revealed the cabinet positions that the British public consider to be the most important, and it’s disappointing news for Boris Johnson.

The Foreign Secretary, who is tasked with representing Britain on the world stage, was deemed to be in one of the most important positions by only 27% of the public quizzed.

In contrast, the YouGov poll found that Philip Hammond is seen to be a pretty big deal.

The poll asked a cross-section of Brits to rank the importance of 19 ministerial positions.

54% of the public thinks that the Chancellor of the Exchequer is one of the most important positions in government, and 75% think it’s an important position. 

Despite being a largely polarising figure, Jeremy Hunt is seen by the public to hold the second most important cabinet ministerial job. 47% deem his role extremely important, and a further 31% think it is important.

Despite the Brexit negotiations dominating parliamentary discourse, Brexit Secretary David Davis is only considered the sixth most important cabinet minister. 7% of those polled went so far as to say the role is one of the least important in government.


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Michael Gove also lingered at the bottom, with only 14% of people deeming his role as Secretary for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs to be of importance.

The research also compared the views of Leave v Remain voters, and found that Remainers are most likely to believe that the Education and Health Secretaries are top cabinet positions, in contrast with Leave voters who unsurprisingly deemed Brexit secretary David Davis to be in one of the top positions.