Cabinet reshuffle after Parliament's mid-term break, says PM Lee Hsien Loong

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    Eventually......Only a team of YES Man....
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    Anyone watched Lim Tean's video on his initial perspective after the Budget 2018 was broadcasted ? If what he had said are not true, I'll be waiting for our govt to refute them....which is their usual practice. If quiet from our govt ....what does this mean ?
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    SG voters can read LHL's message a little differently. He is saying now he will just be a norminal PM, with lessor responsibilities but getting the same $3-4million gagi, at least until he officially retires from PMship.
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    Self Pity
    There is something I learned from this PM. It is not about integrity and honesty but it is about fixing opponents to gain power for oneself.
    There are many local graduates deprived of opportunities to be hired because foreigners hire foreigners. For those in the industries already can feel these foreigners whose jobs can be easily done by locals but are being deprived.
    Good luck my fellow Singaporeans. All your hard works and paper qualification will soon be useless once you are deprived of opportunities of being hired. That why our gov want you to be hawkers.
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    I think our dear PM Lee is on hyper-drive to prove to everyone that he is different from Xi Jinping and Singapore is different from China!
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    Why not let Singaporean choose its own PM by voting. After he/she win the election, then he can form his Party team, whether to use back some of the capable member for the existing party or appoint new member.
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    Hi ! Reshuffle cabinet means nothing. When is PM Lee going to retire is more important at age 66 years old ? It's about 2/3 spent out of 100 years old.!
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    Who he wants to elect also does not matter the people does not have a say. Just like the current president. That post is ment for the people to choose to look out for them and LHL just pick one of his followers and shoved it down our throats.
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    DragonTiger Gate
    Hello PM will you buy Toto this coming Friday the pool is $12m. I join you. Put money take money. Got buy got hope.💰💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲
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    Why dont he reshuffle his and his cabinets salary instead? All demoted to $5k the most.