Cadillac could be an EV-only company by 2030

Cadillac could be selling electric cars only in 2030

If the demand exists, Cadillac will be selling only fully electric cars come 2030.

On Thursday, CNBC reported that General Motors is planning for Cadillac to be a car brand with a portfolio made entirely of all-electric vehicles -- that is, if the consumer demand supports such a change. 

Cadillac already has plans to begin phasing out existing models powered by combustion engines. Company president Steve Carlisle is expecting to see "an inflection point for electric vehicles for the brand to occur in the mid-2020s," a decade which Cadillac will begin as a combustion engine vehicle brand and end as an electric vehicle brand.

The first all-electric vehicle by the brand is slated to launch in 2021, and 20 all-electric models in total are planned to launch across the globe by 2023.

These upcoming EVs will be donning some of Cadillac's classic model names like Escalade, an SUV whose next-generation combustion engine model will debut on February 4.

As of right now, this complete repositioning of the brand is simply a possibility. Though gas engine vehicles will slowly be removed from Cadillac's portfolio, more are still scheduled to be launched.