California Uber users can soon request rides from their favorite drivers

Uber has been told to immediately suspend its ride-sharing services in Colombia

Uber this week announced the launch of a handful of tools and features designed to improve both the driver and rider experiences.

Over this month and next, Uber will be bringing both drivers and passengers in California new tools and features that have been designed to improve both their experiences on the road. 

As of Monday, drivers have begun seeing more information about trips when requested. In fact, drivers will be presented with the pickup and drop-off locations, an estimated travel time, and the estimated trip fare they will earn after Uber's fee before they even accept the trip. All the same information will be available for UberPool trips, as well, except for the estimated trip fare -- that bit of information is still in the works.

In addition to this, the rate at which a driver accepts rides will not affect their Uber Pro Status. Instead, Uber Pro points, star ratings, and cancellation rates will factor into this status.

Finally, as of this week, riders who rate a driver with five stars will be able to add that driver as a favorite.

In early 2020, riders will be able to request these drivers that they have labeled as 'favorites' in advance in the form of a reservation. On the other hand, if someone rated their experience with a particular driver as one star, they will not be matched with one another in the future.

As of right now, these features are expected only to be rolling out in California. Based on the success of such tools and features, it's possible that they will expand to other regions and states in the near future.