Call for Pas to review ties with PKR tops muktamar motion list


ALOR STAR: More than 30 motions were submitted by Pas divisions to be debated during the party's muktamar which begins this Friday, with the motion to review its ties with PKR topping the list.

Pas secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said the motion calling for Pas to review its ‘tahalul siyasi’ with PKR emerged as the most popular motion.

However, he said the question of whether the motion would passed for debate by the 1,200 delegates will be decided by the Pas Central Committee this Friday.

He said the party's Motions Committee is listing all the motions to be forwarded to the Central Committee.

He added that the committee has listed four categories for the motions - rejected, accepted without debate, motion to be debated, and motion accepted but handed over to its Syura Council for decision.

"It is entirely up to the Motion Committee to decide," he told a press conference on the party's 63rd muktamar preparation today.

The 63rd Pas Annual General Assembly or ‘muktamar’ will begin tomorrow with the Pas Youth, Ulama and Muslimat annual general meetings followed by the party’s muktamar.

A total of 1,231 delegates are expected to attend this year’s muktamar including 15 delegates from the Pas Supporters' Wing (DHPP).