Called a hero: Selfless motorist risks life to remove fallen metal railing from Sungai Buloh highway (VIDEO)

Tan Mei Zi
The man leaps into action after spotting the scrap metal lying in the middle of the highway. — Screengrab from Facebook/xidi.zaid

PETALING JAYA, Dec 2 — A driver of a white Proton Saga became an everyday hero when he crossed a busy highway to remove a fallen metal railing on the road.

A Facebook clip from user Xidi Zaid shows the man pulling over at the side of the expressway, holding his hand up to signal his approach to oncoming motorists, and running over to pick up the stray object.

The video has gone viral with more than 18,000 shares so far.

The incident is believed to have occurred yesterday afternoon at the North-South Highway in Sungai Buloh.

Malaysians from all walks of life came together in the comments section to applaud the man for putting his life on the line for the safety of other highway users.

“A person like this should get a datukship,” said Jimmy Shenley.

“Real heroes don’t wear capes. This saying certainly has truth to it and you are an example for our youth,” wrote Danny Roy.

Mohd Haikal Acikzul Effa, along with several others, labelled the man a “national hero.”

However, others said the man didn’t have to put himself in unnecessary danger and that the matter should have been reported to PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) instead.

“You shouldn’t have to risk your life over things like this. Just call the PLUS helpline,” said Mohd Fadzly Nordin.

“Highway authorities should be doing it. They can easily spot the object via camera if the person in the control room is doing his work.

“Pity this guy risking his life saving others,” wrote Mohen Subramaniam.

Saufi Salim echoed the above criticisms, adding that the man’s actions were “noble but unwise.”