Canada's weather a mixed bag for the long weekend

Summer bonfire

Summer is coming to a close, which means it’s time for the final long weekend of the warm months: Labour Day weekend.

So how’s the weather shaping up? It’s a very different story depending on which coast you’re on!

Ontario and Quebec

The sticky weather that the southern parts of Ontario and Quebec experienced earlier in the week is returning for the weekend, but not nearly as intense, explained Brett Anderson, a senior meteorologist with AccuWeather.

“Saturday night into Sunday it looks like the warmer, hotter, more humid air tries to come back in across the Great Lakes,” said Anderson. “We think there’s going to be an outbreak of thunderstorms once again across southern Ontario and southern Quebec for the second half of the weekend as that humid air comes back in so it looks a little bit unsettled.”

Temperature wise, it’s going to be a hot one with a high of 26 or so for Saturday and Sunday with nighttime temperatures expected to be warm, around 20, says Anderson. There will be some thunderstorms in Toronto later in the weekend, but Saturday and most of Sunday should be clear skies.

Montreal is looking at fairly similiar weather with a high of about 26 on Saturday and Sunday with nighttime temperatures averaging around 17.

Prairies and British Columbia

Over to the west, some parts of the Prairies can expect much cooler temperatures over the weekend that will be well below normal.

“There might be some high elevation snow in the Rockies and parts of Alberta and British Columbia late in the weekend into Monday,” said Anderson. “Certainly a cool holiday weekend.”

Calgary can expect temperature highs around 19 and lows of 7 for Saturday while Sunday is even cooler with a high of 15 and a low of 3, predicts Anderson. Edmonton on Saturday is going to be around 15 with a low of about 2 and Sunday temperatures will be about 12 for a high, 3 for a low.

The chillier weather does come with an advantage.

“The good news out west is that this weather pattern is good for the fire situation out there, mixing the air up,” explained Anderson. “They’ve been stuck under a high pressure area for a good part of the summer. When you get these types of patterns with the cooler wind, air quality improves and it’s just overall a better situation. They need a break out there.”

As for Manitoba and southern B.C., the weather looks quite favourable.

“Fairly comfortable,” is how Anderson describes the weather in Manitoba, with temperatures in the low 20s.

“Vancouver is looking pretty good weather wise, partly sunny and we’re looking at about 20 for a high both days and night time temperatures around 11 or so, so fairly normal for them,” said Anderson.

Atlantic Canada

All the cool weather in the Prairies makes for nicer weather in the Maritimes.

“When It gets cool like that out there, it usually means its going to be warm in the east,” explained Anderson.

The entire region is looking at comfortable, seasonal weather. Across the eastern part of the country, temperatures will be in the low 20s during the day and low teens for nighttime temperatures.

What are you up to this long weekend? Excited for the weather? Let us know in the comments below!