Canadian TV host Tracy Moore gets real about 'mom guilt' and her fitness routine

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Cityline host Tracy Moore opened up about feeling guilty as a parent on Instagram. (Photo via @thetracymoore on Instagram)
Cityline host Tracy Moore opened up about feeling guilty as a parent on Instagram. (Photo via @thetracymoore on Instagram)

Tracy Moore knows how to pack a punch.

On Thursday, the Canadian TV host took to Instagram to share a video with an empowering message about experiencing "mom guilt" over her fitness routine. But the 47-year-old's efforts weren't for nothing, as her son, Sidney, decided to begin working out with her.

In the clip, Moore shared a series of photos of her breaking a sweat, along with videos of her and Sidney walking on a treadmill and punching weighted bags in a boxing studio.

"I’ve been training early mornings for as long as I can remember. Which means I’ve been waking up and going to bed before the kids for as long as I can remember. I was riddled with mom guilt for years. But I decided I’m a better mom after committing to myself first," she began in her caption.

Moore also expressed her delight to have Sidney join her early-morning sweat sessions, and reiterated the importance of putting health and wellness first.

"Fast forward and my son has asked if he can start early training hours with me. This is huge to me, y’all. I would never ask my kids to do this but the fact that he wants to? Welp, I’m feeling really good about my choices. Sometimes put you first. Your kids might learn to do the same," she added.

Fans were quick to weigh in on the post and praised Moore for sticking with her values.

"You both look so happy! Modelling self-care, health, movement — bravo!" wrote Canadian "ETalk" host Danielle Graham.

"This is so wonderful. Full circle in a way. How the example you set has impacted him so positively," commented a follower.

"Super mom alert! This right here is why it matters. You are taking care of yourself, but also your family at the same time. Your good energy is inspiring to all!" said someone else.

"The years of you leading by example are paying off!" added another.

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