Candy Chang returns to work

Candy Chang returns to work

14 Jan – After a month hiatus, TVB actress Candy Chang revealed that she will be guest starring in several episodes of a new TVB sitcom.

According to Popular Asians, earlier, TVB reportedly decided that the actress – who was arrested with a male acquaintance for possession of marijuana in November 2012, will be halted from her activities following several investigations. Candy was also removed from the cast of TVB drama, "Master, Understand".

However, on 9 January, "The Hippocratic Crush" actress was seen attending a private costume fitting at TVB Studios, and revealed that she will be guest starring in the sitcom, "Come Home Love".

Asked about the rumour that she has been 'frozen' by TVB, Candy expressed, "TVB never said they would halt my jobs. If there was suitable work, they would arrange it for me and they have been treating me well. I am grateful to them."

Meanwhile, "Come Home Love" producer, Tsui Yu On also confirmed Candy's guest appearance in the sitcom, revealing that he did not receive any notice about Candy's supposed time-off.

In addition to the sitcom, Candy will also return to the cast of "The Hippocratic Crush 2" next month.