‘They work,’: Cannabis addict openly supports Singapore’s ‘barbaric’ drug laws (Video)

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A pothead who claims he grew up in Singapore said he is all in favor of the country’s tough drug laws that involve sentencing drug traffickers to death.

TikTok user Tom Birchy, a self-proclaimed “cannabis addict” who now lives in Thailand, said in a clip that he thinks the country’s strict drug laws are effective.

“I just want to come out here and say this from my point of view, Singapore’s policy on drugs works. Singapore’s stance is tough, it’s supposed to be barbaric.”

“So this is me saying as a cannabis addict, I agree with Singapore’s laws on drugs, they work,” he added.

@tombirchytok A cannabis addicts thoughts on #Singapore’s extremely strict drug laws #tombirchy #sgtiktok ♬ original sound – Tom Birchy

Birchy posted the video in response to recent news of the hanging of 46-year-old Singaporean Tangaraju Suppiah, who was convicted of conspiracy to traffick marijuana. Even billionaire Richard Branson spoke up publicly against his execution.

Under Singapore’s drug laws, a mandatory death sentence is given to anybody found guilty of trafficking over 500 grams of marijuana. Abetting the trafficking of drugs carries the same legal weight.

Birchy said he smokes about 3.5 to 7 “units of measurement” of cannabis daily in Thailand where it is legal.

But when he came over to Singapore to meet some old friends recently, he said that was the first time in about a year that he didn’t smoke any. The idea of looking for it and getting it was “absurd,” he said.

While he thinks that the laws shouldn’t classify marijuana with the more hardcore drugs like heroin, he says the laws “work” in scaring and deterring users from using in Singapore.

“Singapore has spared a lot of damage that drugs cause its neighboring countries and yeah, I do perhaps think that cannabis shouldn’t be considered a drug in the same as heroin is. The laws in Singapore do work, they do,” he said.

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