You can't buy Dark and Darker, but you can drink its custom coffee

 Four adventurers journey into a dim dungeon
Four adventurers journey into a dim dungeon

We may not be able to play Dark and Darker, but you can purchase a coffee set themed around the mysterious game.

As revealed by Dark and Darker developer Ironmace Games on Twitter, the studio has teamed up with coffee brand Madrinas to release a themed coffee set and a wooden tankard to go along with it. This announcement comes shortly after the developer revealed it has had to delay Dark and Darker's highly anticipated early access release.

Considering the details around Dark and Darker are getting more and more vague as the months go on, fans aren't exactly as thrilled as they would have been about this collaboration. As one Twitter user puts it: "Kind of weird considering we don't even know if this game will exist in a month." Another tries to stay optimistic by saying: "Hint that we are getting something in July?!" - which is when the set is due to ship.

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There are some Dark and Darker fans out there though that are very excited about the collectible item, even going as far as purchasing the set despite not liking coffee. If you were curious, the set includes a tub of instant cold brew coffee, a 12-ounce bag of whole bean coffee, and the aforementioned Dark and Darker-themed tankard for $49.99.

You can't blame fans for being impatient with Dark and Darker's release, over the last few months its developer has had a number of issues mostly linked to its legal battle with fellow games company Nexon. Back in March, Dark and Darker was pulled from Steam due to a cease and desist request from Nexon that claimed the developer had stolen assets from the company where some of Ironmace's employees previously worked.

Ironmace then called Nexon's claims "baseless" and revealed that police had raided the studio but found nothing to prove the claim. Following this, Ironmace "prematurely announced" a $500,000 GoFundMe page to help the studio with its legal bills before removing the campaign only an hour after it went live, which confused future players even more.

Basically, it's a weird time for Dark and Darker with no one really knowing what's going on with the game at the moment. At least fans can get a step closer to owning the game with this coffee set and tankard, though.

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