Your Car’s Color Can Affect Its Depreciation Value

Cherryl Anne Cruz

White, black, and silver might be the most popular colors for cars in the world today, but apparently, they aren’t the ones that hold the most value when it comes to selling your car.

Accordingto, they’re actually cars in the shades of yellow, orange, and green.

Of course, everyone knows that all used cars will depreciate and lose value over time. Still, there are some car colors that help retain their value for a much longer duration. made a study of over 2.1 million used vehicles and found out that “retained value actually varies widely across car colors.” And according to their study, some cars depreciate much slower depending on their color.

For instance, an average car depreciates at around 33.1 percent. However, yellow vehicles hold the lowest depreciation rate at 27 percent, and now ranks first in all car colors with the least depreciation value over three years.

Phong Ly, CEO of, explained: “Yellow cars are relatively less common, which could drive up demand and help maintain their value,” she said.

“Our analysis shows that yellow vehicles have the lowest depreciation of any color for lower-volume cars like convertibles. Interestingly, yellow is also the color with the least depreciation for popular body styles like SUVs and pickup trucks.”

Orange and green colors also hold their value well, coming in second and third on’s list.

The colors white, gray/silver, and black, which are some of the most well-known colors today, come closest to the average depreciation rate.

“Because these colors are so common, buyers can shop around more easily if they’re interested in these colors, reducing the amount of pricing power for dealers,” Ly added.

Meanwhile, gold cars lose value the most–around 37.1 percent.

“Across almost every body style, gold color vehicles have some of the worst depreciation rates of any color,” noted Ly.

Here are the results of their study:

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