Carey Mulligan tries to channel Cate Blanchett on the red carpet

Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan tries to emulate Cate Blanchett's "cool" attitude on the red carpet.

The Great Gatsby actress dislikes being photographed and doesn't enjoy glitzy events, so she looks to the Australian star for inspiration on how to act "cool" and smile with her eyes while attending a premiere or awards show.

"When I'm on the red carpet, whatever I'm wearing, I am ultimately myself," she told Porter magazine. "People say, 'Pretend you're Cate Blanchett.' And I do go to red carpets thinking, 'Be Blanchett. Try and be cool. Smiling with your eyes,' but it doesn't work."

When asked if The Aviator actress does actually smile with her eyes, Carey replied, "She smiles, but she has this amazing smile that is just her eyes," and when asked if she could show the reporter the smile, she blushed and said, "I can't, I can't. So unfair!"

The 34-year-old has been candid in the past about how red carpet events used to stress her out so much she would end up in tears.

"I would do red carpets and be a wreck by the end; I found it awful and weird, standing there in my outfits with my body being judged and my appearance and make-up," she told So It Goes magazine in 2017. "It's a f**king weird, bizarre thing to have 200 people screaming at you taking a photo."

Carey also shared in a chat with The Sunday Times' Style magazine in 2018 that she was "scared" of wearing expensive designer dresses because that felt like something a model should be doing, rather than her. However, the events affect her less these days as she has been able to "put (them) into perspective".

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