Carmelo Anthony stuffed at rim in Mexico, brings up nightmares of Roy Hibbert past

Carmelo Anthony met another disappointment at the rim in Mexico City on Thursday. (AP file photo)

Well, this kind of sums of the season so far for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Ouch. That’s Brooklyn Nets rookie Jarrett Allen stuffing Carmelo Anthony at the rim Thursday night in Mexico City.

There are several metaphors to work with here.

Like youth creeping up out of nowhere to catch up with an aging star.

Or the hope of a new roster in Oklahoma City met by the crushing disappointment of an 11-12 start.

Or Anthony’s potential as a winner in the NBA being undercut by his own miscalculation.

But the most likely impact of this dunk, besides the direct denial of what Anthony surely thought was a sure two points, is bad memories.

Allen’s block brings up images of this Roy Hibbert gem in the 2013 playoffs that shut down Anthony’s best hopes of making the Eastern Conference Finals. It was also the last playoff game of Anthony’s career to date as the Knicks failed to qualify for four straight years after this crushing loss.

While it’s way too early to close the door on this chapter of Anthony’s career, his stint in Oklahoma City is not off to a good start.