Carol Vorderman opens up on how she previously felt 'suicidal at times' during menopause

Appearing on This Morning, Carol Vorderman, 61, spoke candidly about how she felt 'suicidal at times' and experienced a 'deep depression' during menopause, but felt normal again 48 hours after having HRT.

Video transcript

CAROL VORDERMAN: Well, I started properly in my early 50s. I didn't have the go-- I've got night sweats, hot flash. I didn't have any of that. I started feeling anxious. I've never felt anxious in my life. I've run companies. I do all sorts of different things. And I started feeling anxious, even about what trousers I was going to wear. Was I going to have a tea or coffee?

That developed in to a deep depression. But what saved me really-- and I mean a deep depression. I felt suicidal at times for many months. I kept a note of when my period started in my electronic calendar. And that helped me analyze that. I started on a bespoke HRT. And within 48 hours, literally within two days, I felt back to normal. And I have never had a symptom since, never. It is wonderful.