Carrie Underwood Is the Ultimate Hockey Wife During the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Carrie Underwood celebrated husband Mike Fisher’s win with the Nashville Predators on Tuesday. (Image: Carrie Underwood via Instagram)

Who needs cheerleaders (or an “energy team”) when Carrie Underwood is in the house?

The country star, 34, went all in rooting for her hockey star hubby, Mike Fisher, and the Nashville Predators during the Stanley Cup Playoffs Western Conference Final on Tuesday. The team pulled out a 2–1 win against the Anaheim Ducks, and nobody celebrated more than Underwood.

Just look at her swinging that arm:

Carrie Underwood celebrates the Nashville Predators. (Image: Carrie Underwood via Instagram)

Dressed in a Preds jersey and a “Catchin’ Ducks” trucker hat (zing!), the blonde, hanging in a luxury box, was doing some fist-pumping while dancing and singing along to DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” with friends. It was quite the victory party.

In case you missed the hat, she pointed to it a few times:

Carrie Underwood wore a “Catchin’ Ducks” hat with her Predators jersey to root on husband Mike Fisher in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. (Image: Carrie Underwood via Instagram)

Underwood captioned the video, which you can watch in its entirety below, “Yes!!! Pardon our craziness but we just won, won, won!!!”

Earlier in the evening, she posted a video of Keith Urban’s “The Fighter,” on which she is featured, being played by the Bridgestone Arena organist. “Name That Tune: Arena Organ Addition… You know you you’ve made it when! #TheFighter @keithurban,” she wrote.

While Underwood didn’t sit with Urban, 49, he was also there — with wife Nicole Kidman, also 49. Another Nashville local, Urban was tapped to sing the national anthem. And can you believe that it’s the first time he’s sung it professionally?

“Here at the Preds game I’ve lived in America 25 years and I’ve never been asked to sing the National Anthem until tonight,” he said in a clip. “So it’s a huge honor. Thank you, Preds, for asking.”

And you can see how he did here:

Big nights for both Underwood and Urban. It’s too bad they didn’t go on to celebrate the team’s win together. We kinda wish they were both in “Catchin’ Ducks” hats and singing along to “All I Do Is Win” as Nicole Kidman seal clapped next to them. With the Preds still in it, there is still a chance, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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